Chinese Romantic Song:In The Distant Place

Chinese Romantic Song:In The Distant Place

We are aware that great folk song is popular with people.We will spare no effort to find a great folk song and share it with you.In our website.there are many Chinese melody songs like this song we share today.You can find others in our website.

Song name : Zai Na Yao Yuan De Di Fang(In The Distant Place)

Lyrics : Luobin Wang

Composer : Luobin Wang

Singer : Wenwei Mo

Not only can a beautiful smile make ourselves happy,but it also enables others to feel delighted.The song will be a romantic confession.Our website also has other romantic Chinese songs like this.

Song English Translation :

In the far and distant place

There is a pretty girl

When people walk through her counting house,

They all turn their head and look wistfully

Her pink smiling face like the sun

Her beautiful eyes like the bright moon

I am willing to abandon my fortune

Tending to the sheep with her

I can watch her bright winning eyes and gilt-edged beautiful clothes

I’d like to be a little goat

Following her to herd sheep

I wish that she plays on me gently again and again with a thin kurdish

There is no doubt that we have a beautiful vision of love, which like all living things need air.This song reveals the natural feelings and we easily revel in it.

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