Chinese Rap Song: Try

Chinese Rap Song: Try

Jay Chou took advantage of an opportunity to push the Chines rap song Try.By surprise,the composer of this song is not Jay Chou and It’s a new composer Patrick Brasca who also sing this song for the movie Kung Fu Panda 3.Jay acted as a rapper,harmony, music supervisor for his student.

As an old Chinese singer,Jay has been pasted the relative label with the Kung Fu Panda.The Chinese style of his work,his hard work of his musical road are seems like the Kung Fu Panda Bao started as an basic employee.And he kept learning and find his teacher out.

But why Patrick Brasca can act the important role in the song?In fact,the birthday of Patrick just older than the time that Jay become a Chinese rap singer one year.When you look up the Mv which is seamless weaving between Try and the Kung Fu Panda 3,maybe you would be moved by the green and astringency and pure vitality of this child.

After all,compared with other peers in the Chinese entertainment circle,you would find out that Patrick is a great child in them.Because the hostility and the air of arrogance,other can’t attach our view.In fact, a movie character or a music piece,the vigorous element don’t always on behalf of that you must cause loss of lives,the sunny,positive appearance also can speak for younger.

After listening Try,there is not traitorous fury but just the rap manner is full of power.Also there is Jay who has good tongue gossipmonger which is full of the young feelings.

We always like the blunt sense of Kung Fu Panda franchise which interpret the positive energy and like the special rhythm and power.The future of story always surprising that the Try will be the global theme song of the Kung Fu Panda which Jay would sing this song in English.That’s a great bold attempt for Jay.Jay told us that we must keep attempting to challenge the theme of this song.After the challenge,the music will be special and can get special melody.

Jay was a young boy when he become famous and he have been famous more the ten years.Fortunately,he don’t have any incompatible with the music at once.His music still is sharp and touching.The music that he supervised still have the integration into global community.

The Try used electrical noise as base,when the Chinse rap of Jay begins which depict a special Chinese style picture.The picture is that the warrior Po make a living wandering from place to place bravely in the screen.The singsing of Patrick Brasca is drawing the outline of the framework and blood vessel of the music.

The large number of fresh and tender color and lustre in the Mv helps the song reach the great integration.

In China,the release time of Kung Fu Panda 3 was January 29.After you watching this movie and listen the song again,you would find out the Chinese rap song can give you a special feeling.

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