Chinese Popular Song Chinese Girl Sang by Kim Ji-mun: Mother Is also a Female Student with Stories

Chinese Popular Song Chinese Girl Sang by Kim Ji-mun: Mother Is also a Female Student with Stories

Previously,we think Kim Ji-mun is not a singer that is good at telling a story.But his two competitive performance makes us accept that the capacity of telling a story and the superiority of musical narration.This time he takes the Chinese new popular song Chinese girl to the fans, let us take something about this song.

Music has a close connection to the story. Music tells the story, and then the story touches the emotion off. Finally the emotion generates the resonance which makes the music become the common language by people and it’s the charm of music.Kim used one new and one old song to performance the charm in the music stage.

The old song is Can Only Recall the Past which is a Chinese classical song that sang of Grace and Teresa Teng.Kim recompensed it in the Challenger of the I Am A SINGER and gave up the mournful but not distressing even lively tone and put the sad story on stage.Such a story would happen in many people.Kim started with the simple arrangement and add the power of emotion again and again and make the regret to break out in the ending of this song and break out the resonance of the audience.

The new song is the Chinese Girl which is composed by himself and sang it in the first competition.What is surprising is that the song is not the love song that talking about love but the love song that feels the love of mother, or it’s a song in the new era.The performance of Kim still walks the emotion line from shallow to deep, and is simply plain and just take the true and false tone conversion in the breathe.It sounds like a Japanese.

After making a general survey of the two songs, Kim used the very simple performance to sing it.Regardless of the singing or the arrangement, both of them strive to simple.Because Kim is a singer that is good at telling a story and knows the most simple performance, that can hit the heart of the listener.But the simple way is not equal to the subtraction.The two songs respectively added the ocarina and a large scale of harmony which duly coordinated the rhythm of lyric which arouse our enthusiasm or fervor but promiscuous.

But when the two works connected with each other, we can say that both of them told a whole story.After the slow performance of Kim,the green plum of Can Only Recall the Past maybe the same person likes the mother of the Chinese Girl.After went through all the vicissitudes of life, the once Chinese Girl had finally appeased the scar of the emotion of maid time and put all of her love to the child.When sang the Northeast China ballad. 

The above maybe an amusing reading.But in the eye of the child, the mother always is a warm appearance.A lot of times we forget that our mother ever a female student that had a story.She was young and loved and even harmed before.Although mother put the best love to us and put the young great times to our body.popular Chinese song Chinese Girl showed the emotion of the mother when she was young.

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