Chinese New Song Make It Big Sang by Jane Zhang:Put Forth Effort to Make Dream Bigger

In the Chinese New Song, Make It Big Let us think shyly more but the make it object which is the dream that you can do it yourself to change the future.You can also search for it as the theme song in school if you are a student.

It’s a pity that the fans would not hear the Chinese New song from Jane Zhang for a while so Make It Big like the ending of the stage that she sang the Chinese song.

Jane not only came true the dream of fans but also herself to release the English album.Jack Ma said we need to dream some and it maybe comes true.Jane sings it in the new song “,Make it big, change your future”.

There are many Chinese pop songs to convey to the positive energy because the world always has the unceasing trouble which come to find you.So the motivational song can find its mode of transmission.Hong senior lyricist Shaoqi Chen uses the simple powerful character to draw the outline of beautiful blueprint which can make the listener take the tired emotion off and rekindle the passion to the life and the dream.

The song has the electronic and pop brisk melody and mixes the trap element which is very easy to take the listener to the circumstances of song and want to follow the melody to shake their hand to forget their annoyance.With the coming of the drumbeat of the synthesizer,takes the advance of mechanization, the white space of agitation which makes the dream element interiorize the people’s heart.

But Make It Big don’t have the perfect tag.After ten years grope in music, Jane little by little to find the best expression level like the album SEVEN SENSES which takes some lightweight electronic element on the basement of R&B but also have the lithe melody and the strong innervation.It also lacks some amazing design.

But as a singer,Jane can sing the slow song which can make hearer forevermore and sing the first song which can control the rhythm and sound ray more than other Chinse fast song singer.So,Jane not only sing this song for the fans to the positive energy of encouragement but also sing to herself to gratitude the ten years living in music.

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