Chinese Music W plan:The Light of Ten Years Preparing of William

Chinese Music W plan:The Light of Ten Years Preparing of William

When we thought the William, everyone will think the person that ‘Popular male god’ has thousand of fans in Weibo.From the big senior of the Swords of Legends of the handsome boy.William relies on the upgrading endlessly acting skill, have become the “Bao Bao” of his fans.What will be Willima will take the great Chinese Music to his fans?

As we were saying, we still expected more the William that belongs the Chinese music.Nowdays he is a popular male god in the drama, but he was growing from the singing contest.As a Chinese singer from the singing contest, he enters the entertainment business with the dream in the singing and the stage.Under the busy work in making a film, he still has the new music work every year.One and one great song from the diligent work,shows the sincerity of the fans.

When listen the Chinese new music piece: W Plan, the piece let us see the person that like dancing, sing no accident?This song has completed the millions and millions click in the first day when it occurred In the music market.

W Plan is a song that makes William show himself, and swimming in the rhythm, releasing the danced cell.You will find more thing after the Chinese song lyrics and another experience of the song.

Showing the W Plan is planning for his expected that the first sings tour William Inside Me 2016 Sing Tour.W Plan is the theme song for the tour.It not only tells the fans to “High All Tour”, but also the things that I have more ideas to show you.

If having a dream is an easy thing, the most difficult part is to find the dream hard working.William spent ten years to complete it.From one to another song the vocal concert.Not only for myself, but also for the fans.When you catch your dream, you would find that you have the best thing in the world.

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