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“Medals” By Lu Han Teaches You To Fight

There are plenty of things that can benefit from listening to music. Music with a strong beat can stimulate brainwaves to resonate in sync with the beat, with faster beats bringing sharper concentration and more alert thinking, and a slower tempo promoting a calm, meditative state. Tuning in to one of your favorite songs can be incredibly soothing and help to reduce anxiety. And today our goal is to share Chinese melody songs with you and hope you can relax yourself from hard work.

“Medals” By Lu Han Teaches You To Fight

Sometimes, when we face difficulties, we don’t know what to do, maybe we will want to give up, but that is not the right thing to do. And at that moment, you need some passionate Chinese melody songs to cheer up and get your motivations back.

LU HAN is an artist with a handsome appearance with his small face, round eyes. Don’t be cheated by his beautiful face and think he is the man who will deal with his work delay. LU HAN is a man who gets up and goes to work, no matter how hard the next work can be, he just stands up and fights for it. The song “medals” is also a song tells us not to afraid of difficulties, we can grow up from difficulties, and we need to learn how to beat them.

The song “medals” is composed by Jamie Scott、Nicolas Squires、Michael Needle, and sang by LU HAN. The song included in LU HAN's album RELOADED that released on December 23, 2015 and was chosen as the theme song for movie “The Witness” as well. The song won the 26th golden melody awards of the sixth global music gold on February 29, 2016

"Medals" is the song that Jamie Scott and other music people make for LU HAN specifically, and Amie Scott and others have modified the song several times in the studio with LU HAN. The director of “the witness” was struck by the melody, so he decided that the song will be the theme song.

“It’s my very first dream where the story begins. All the stars are sparkling because of me. Finally I get to see the ordinary me meeting the moment of being unique. With unknown scenes ahead and ocean breeze at my face. Siren's singing tempts to cast my motive away. And they say every single stormy wave would flood over head. Yet I will advance like Odysseus, and towards my own orientation.

Even if the gods may stop me on the other shore, when I have to stand alone on the battlefield afar, my dream becomes my weapon. While all the wounds I carry, become my medals. Who says only mighty ones deserve an anthem, beating storms do not guarantee any good end. Life must move forward sticking to his faith anyone could become a hero. Yet I will advance like Odysseus and towards my own orientation……While all the wounds I carry, becomes my growth.

Despite the distance, I set my sail again.” LU HAN thinks that the theme of the song is "growth", and a person can only grow by going through an injury. He wants to give the song to all the dreamers and it does inspire people to fight. On August 16, 2016, Ding Ning, a member of the national table tennis team of China, won the Olympic table tennis women's team title at the Rio Olympic Games, and she said in interview that she will listen to the song “medals” to relax herself and get ready for training.

More than that, the sports media, including CCTV5, all chose “medals” as the soundtrack for the video sports highlights of the Rio Olympics and the CCTV1 news broadcast selected the song as a soundtrack in a short clip of China's Rio Olympics. So you see how popular and positive the song is. The British guitar aesthetics of “medal” and the Roman mythological scene depicted by Jing Xi Zhu add an epic feeling to the music. The sound of Lu Han's voice is confident and passionate, and the lyrics express praise for heroism and pursuit of dreams. “Medals” is a song with a British style, and LU HAN delivers positive energy in the right way at the right time.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:  mǎn tiān xīng guāng zhǐ yīn wǒ ér shǎn shuò

Chinese:  满   天    星    光     只  因  我  而  闪    烁

English:  All the stars are sparkling because of me.

The “满天星光” means all the stars, the”只因我” means because of me, the “闪烁” means spark.

“Listen To Mother's Words” By Jay Chou Expresses The Love For Mommy

If you ask me whose songs you listen most, I will answer you immediately, Jay Chou. I am not the only one who listen to his song since I was a kid, there are many 90’s, 80’s even 70’s love Jay Chou. Jay Chou has lots of classic songs, and today I want to introduce a sweet song for you. The song is “listen to mother’s words”, let’s enjoy it!

"Listen to mother's words " is a song written, composed and performed all by Jay Chou, collected in Jay Chou's 2006 album "still fantasy". In 2006, due to the transmission of positive energy and the meaning of education in the lyrics, the song has been collected in the book of the University of Education University in Taipei.

Jay's parents divorced when Jay is a little boy, and Jay lives with his mother. Jay saw his mother has to work hard to get their lives better, so he knows how hard it's for a single mother to have an education child, and he is grateful. In order to show filial piety to his mother, and pass positive energy, tell people learn to be filial, he composed this classic melody song.

The music video of “Listen to mother's words” is the eighth video that Jay Chou directed himself in the album “still fantasy ". Because the lyrics describe the dialogue with the young self, so he asked a little friend to join in the music video, Jay Chou began to talk to each other as a child. Jay also wanted to invite his mother to shoot with him, but she is too shy to appear in shots. In the end, Jay uses many photos of him and his mother in the music video, so the music video fill with the warm style.

“Little kids, do you have a lot of questions? Why when other kids are reading comics, I am learning to draw and learning to communicate with the piano? I said that I wanted a large airplane, but instead I got an old recorder. Why should I listen to my mother's words? When you grow up you will understand what I am saying. After I grow up, I started to realize why I run faster than others and fly further than other people. In the future, people will be reading my comics and all the songs they sing is written by me. Mommy won’t let you know how hard she is. She knows the warm recipe by heart. When you have time, hold her hand and sleep dream together.

Listen to mother's words, don't let her get hurt. You want to grow up quickly so you can take care of her. Beautiful white hair, growing inside happiness. Angel's magic benevolence within (her) gentleness. In your future, music is your key to success, use it to get into a relationship.

Don't want to teach you to be a bad kid. Why don't you listen to what your mother says and get in a relationship when you are allowed to. I know your future path, but your mother knows it even better. You will learn from other classmates that write something in your bag, I suggest you better write: Mom I will put in my best effort to learn. “I will study hard”, how does that come from my mouth? I need to teach you to study hard because I don't want you to lose.

The sweater mother gave you, you have to keep it safe. Because on Mother's Day, I want to tell her, mommy I still keep it. Oh yea, I will meet Zhou Run Fa. So you can show off to your friends, "The God of Gambling will be your father". I can’t find love letters I wrote in my childhood, if you write a love letter, don’t give it to anyone, because you will find it on the playground two days later.

You will start to like pop music because Jacky Cheung is about to sing Kiss Goodbye. Listen to mother's words, don't let her get hurt. You want to grow up quickly so you can take care of her and protect her.” The song is R &B style, but is full of love for mother. The warm lyrics upend Jay Chou's unrestrained image previously, and the simple and understandable lyrics reveal Jay's childish wit and humor. Jay Chou uses the most unique warm style and touching lyrics to express his love for his mother.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:  wèi shén me yào tīng mā ma de huà

Chinese: 为   什    么   要   听  妈  妈  的 话

English:  Why should I listen to my mother’s words ?

The “为什么” means why, the”要听” means listen to, the “妈妈的” means mother’s, the “话” means words.

“Your Backpack” By Eason Chan Sings About Friendship

If you have read many articles from our website, you would find out that we have shared many beautiful songs for you. In this article, our goal is to find Chinese melody songs which deserve high attention, hope your continuing attention to our website and enjoy in music world.

The song “your backpack” is a song sang by Eason Chan, collected in the album  Special Thanks To that released on April 2, 2002. In 2003, the song won the third annual music list of the top 10 golden songs of Hong Kong.

The song "your backpack" is inspired by the real story of Lin xi himself. He and his friends walk on familiar streets or half-cooked exotic countries with their own backpack. “We're at the airport station in 1995. The backpack which you lend me and I don’t want to give you back is full of souvenirs and tribulations and images of friction. Your backpack, it still works and becomes part of me.

I won’t change it no matter how much money they want to buy. It is familiar with my sweat; It's the ring on my shoulder. Six and a half years, I work with it on my back everyday. I'll take care of it if you borrow me. All my friends say it’s beautiful when it looks old. It’s a pity that it has nothing to do with you anymore. Your backpack makes me walk slowly and will rot with me one day…… ” The lyrics use the love of the backpack to express the love of the backpacker, and the persistent attachment to the relationship.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:   nà gè bèi bāo  zǎi mǎn jì niàn pǐn hé huàn nán

Chinese: 那 个  背  包    载    满  纪 念   品   和  患  难

English:  The backpack is full of souvenirs and tribulations

The “那个背包” means the backpack, the “载满” means is full of, the “纪念品” means souvenirs, the “患难” means tribulations.

After reading this article, you may have a new understanding about Chinese melody songs. If you want to learn more about it, you can continue to focus on our website.

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