Chinese Love Song Lyrics: Various as Flowers, Showing You a Colorful World


Chinese love song lyrics have a long development. And most singers also act as lyricists. Through China, referring to song lyrics, there are many famous lyricist who are talented in writing love songs in China such as Linxi, Shanni Chan, Wyman Wong, Yaoming Huang and Riley Lam, etc. Teenagers are not only in favor of singing a love song, but also like to creats their own lyrics in their own songs. And more masterpieces are born nowadays.

The three lyricists we introduce are Linxi, Wyman Wong and Riley Lam. Linxi and Wyman Wong is a pair of lyricists that people like to compare together. They have their own characters. Let’s take a look about their works.

LinXi: A Humble Poet in China Music

The first one we are going to introduce should be LinXi, whose primitive name is Liang Weiwen. He and Huang Weiwen are said as two Weiwen in Hongkong. Graduating from the Department of Chinese Literature at the University of Hongkong, Lin’s literature skill is quite excellent. He published his first work Once in 1985. In 1987, he composed a poem to Not Too Much which was selected into the Eleventh “Ten Chinese Golden Songs” of Hongkong radio station in 1988.

And in 1993. He composed a song Confidante which was performed by Zhang Guorong, winning the Best Original Song of the Thirtieth Taiwan Golden Horse Award. It was the theme song in The Bride with White Hair as well. And The Best of My Love which has the same tune as the Confidante was presented to LiMing as a gift by Zhang Guorong.

In 1996, Lin wrote a song for Zhang Xueyou which was the gift to Zhang’s marriage, named Your Name My Surname. He wrote Bargain in 1997and Love Letter to Myself in 1999 for Faye Wong and they got the Best Words for the Top 10 Chinese Songs in Hong Kong and TVB Best Writing Award separately. What’s more, the song My Left and Right hands almost won all the pop awards in 1999. The song also got the Golden Needle Award in 2008.

After succeeding in Chinese love song lyrics, Lin began to write stories about his songs. The stories explained the themes of his works. In 2011, he published a book named Sing the Happiest Song with No Price. In 2012, Familiar with the Inside Story was published as well. Then, Lin went ahead to programs such as Mad for Music in 2014. And in the same year, Lin cooperated with Faye Wong again. They created a new song Love cannot be Reached.

I am always thinking who the most suitable singer with Lin’s entrepreneur is. I finally make a conclusion that it must be Zhang Guorong and Faye Wong. Lin wrote numerous lyrics for Zhang such as Chase, Betray, Blame you too Beautiful, Die in the Dream and The Coldest day, etc. His works accounted for a great area in Zhang’s singing career. “I am myself, I am a different color firework” is the most representative lyrics that Lin wrote for Zhang. After Zhang suicide, Lin was attacked by depression, blaming his works over-depressing.

Referring to Faye Wong, She cannot get achievement today without Lin’s works. Lin’s name was in Wang’s albums several times. It is as same as we think of Fang Wenshan when we talk about Jay Chou. Faye Wong and Linxi are seized with each other tightly especially in Wang’s most excellent albums. In the lyrics “Forget the whole world, as if I cannot afford to forget myself” expresses Wong’s ethereal entrepreneur. As Linxi says, Faye Wong is my wife’s name with no birthright.

Then, I think that Miriam Yeung is his daughter. Lin has said, Miriam Yeung is a part of his body. His “I was not happy at all, only I didn’t find it” comes from the song he presented to Miriam Yeung. Besides, Lin wrote a song If You Let Me Talk About It, and this touching song about how a woman eager to be cared by her mate at night, was presented to Miriam Yeung as well, ”Eager you can try to persuade me not to exhaust myself, But who can receive my distribution in love, Chatting with you in telephone about farewell, I would miss you in storm night at least, But you just smiled but escaped”.

My most favorite lyrics is in If You Let Me Talk About It as well, ”I want to cry, Can you please don’t fall asleep? Stay with me as the first time you meet me”. It isn’t easy to find one more song of Linxi with such strong emotion any more.

Lin’s emotion to Eason Chan is a kind of cultivating the younger generation. The lyrics he gave Eason is “Sing the Happiest Song with No Price” (From the song My Happy Era). When Eason song it first time, he cannot understand it at all. Lin replied to him” You just need to sing it, and you will understand it years later”. And I think, Eason has understood what it means after he experienced too many unsatisfactory things in the platform. For example, he has yelled several times Exaggerate loudly and sings too many Ten Years to vomit. How can he sing the happiest song with no price? He knows that it is difficult to sing a song he wants to sing.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:   wǒ xiǎng kū   nǐ  kě bu ké  yǐ zàn shí bié yào shuì

Chinese: 我   想    哭   你  可 不 可  以 暂   时  别  要  睡

English: I want to cry. Can you please not to fall asleep for a while?

The “哭” means crying. The “暂时” means temporary. The “睡” means to fall asleep.

Wyman Wong: A Flamboyant and Not Ordinary Poet

If the god is a scriptwriter, he must be like making a joke. Maybe he thinks that only a Weiwen is not enough so that he sends one more Weiwen. The two poets act as the peak of Hong Kong lyrics. However, it is quite strange that Wyman Wong style is opposite with Lin’s. For example, he has wrote a lyrics “ You will not have a good outcome”.

Wyman Wong has an obsession obviously: He wants to find a suitable master for his each song. For example, he wrote Two Men Met On the Streets for the young Eason and Tetralogy for the 30-year-old Eason (including Salon, When Grape is Mature, Car and Driver and Tourbillon). And he wrote Coffee in A Soda Bottle for He Yunshi. Most interesting, he prefers to write lyrics by a series. Although Wyman Wong is flamboyant, we cannot deny the distribution he makes for Chinese love song lyrics.

The most suitable singer with Lin’s entrepreneur should be He Yunshi and Eason Chan. He Yunshi is a controversial singer. As a student of Anita Mui, people pay more attention to her clothes and political affiliation. But each album of He Yunshi can be evaluated and analyzed by the most critical and serious musicians. Especially A Little Talk on the Green Hills, it can be seen as a peak in her music career.

The second one is Joey Yung. Although Wong prefers to He Yunshi rather than Joey, Joey still gets the chances to sing in the Wyman Wong’s works opening show. And every song that Wong writes for Joey can nearly get popular. Disheartened also get My Favorite Cantonese Song in Hong Kong. From Pain Love (Being content if can always possess love) , 16 Lover (Distributing more will return more troubles) to Scar (The person laughs at unfortunate is the most unfortunate), Wong is talented in creating painful and sad atmosphere.

Miriam Yeung has sincere friendship with Wyman Wong. Wyman Wong presented a song the Whild Child for Miriam. However, the song was not been pay attention, and it hurt Wyman Wong. He said,” I am always doubtful about that she doesn’t like my songs. Those thanks are polite formula at all in my sense. And she adopted them with great toleration. And I really try my best.” Soon, their cooperation stopped. When Miriam heard the Best Friend, she cried on the road. And they forgave each other. In the Wyman Wong’s Exhibition of Works, Miriam performed though she was pregnant. As the lyrics Wong wrote,” I will be your most missing girl”. Miriam is the girl who he most concerned about.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:    xǐ  huan  nǐ  ràng  wǒ xià chén , xǐ huan nǐ ràng wǒ kū ,

Chinese: 喜    欢   你    让   我 下  沉   ,   喜  欢   你  让   我 哭

English: I like you make me down and I like you make me cry.

The “喜欢” means liking and in favor of. The “下沉” means to drown and down. The “哭” means crying.

Riley Lam: Giving all the Best to Hins Cheung

The last one poet we introduced is Riley Lam, a new poet in Chinese love song lyrics. He has a special identity—- Student of Linxi. His real name is Pang Jianzhang. Riley was praised by famous critical musician Huang Zhihua who was skilled in Cantonese culture.

A lyric”You are lack of seduction of chopped green onion. You are lack of delicate fragrance of lilac” won the comments that “Fang Wenshan is not the only one who knows how to play Chinese words”. And “the world makes a youth drunk, the world becomes strategic, being eager to develop” are critical. Huang Zhihua said, the XinZu revealed that Riley hadn’t got rid of shadow of Linxi and Wyman, but it has no doubt that he could inherit Linxi’s achievement.

Riley won the Lyricise through the country of Canada Hit Chinese Songs Lists in 2011. And he got My Favorite Song of the Year Award in the 2012 Annual ChiZha Music. In addition to the pop music lyrics, he also writes for music opera such as DuoBiao and Da WeiYing.

I think he gives his best work to Hins Cheung. For example, Xiao Wang Shu,” I am so happy that I am lonely, I am so penniless that I am content, The game will not be happy though it make me laugh, When a man grow up, happy is the same as sad. For example, Prophecy” Lots of predictions when we were young, which one will comes true at last?” For example, Under the Sakura,” It the sakura bloom again, I will admit to you.”

As Riley Lam is still fresh in lyrics area, we are looking forward to his better works.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:    bú   jì   dé mèng huàn lè yuán dì zhǐ   xiāo shī yú shì qū

Chinese:  不   记  得    梦    幻    乐  园   地 址    消   失  于 市  区

English: I don’t remember the address of the magical entertainment which has disappeared from urban. 

The “不记得” means to forget . The “梦幻” means magic. The “乐园” means entertainment. The “地址” means address. The “消失” means disappearing. The “市区” means in urban.

Chinese love song lyrics are plentiful. And most teenagers are eager to be lyricists now. When you chat with a Chinese teenager about love song lyrics, he will think of the three lyricists I introduced before immediately. It is evident that the song lyrics will be more abundant and excellent with the lyricists current happened. I am hoping that more and more Linxi, Wyman Wong and Riley Lam will appear in the future.

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