Chinese Love Song I Believe of Jeff Chang: Revive the “Uncultivated” Memory

Chinese Love Song I Believe of Jeff Chang: Revive the “Uncultivated” Memory

To the I Believe Chinese song, Jeff Chang indicated that he very loved this song 15 years ago because it very moved me.All of the musical form,tone of this song is very fit for me to sing but one step out of time to sing it in those years. He has been totally unsuspicious to think that he still has the chance to sing it again after 15 years.

Time depicts a variety of emotions and fabricates various fetters then leave the permanent trail in our memory.Maybe you think that some things would never be remembered. Some people would never be concerned about.But with the melody of a song, the cycle of mass maybe opens again quietly.

In fact, one song can make it which we always call it the power of music.Many Chinese listener loves the soulful music which seal their young love with no tag,no deadline but bury it deeply and we would not touch it.Until we meet the song at that time again, our heart moves with the similar melody and touch the dark ink which is devoted, clinging, disappointed, peace, persistent and like a black mustard that will cause your tear to your heart.

Chinese old love song is exactly how this.They have the difference with the new music is the effect of your heart.

We can see Jeff again in the television program, I AM A SINGER and found that he still keeps his status in the stage.Because Jeff should be in this way, from Tell A Lie(1989) to Still Love(2015). He never shakes his heart.His song is the antidote to cure and he is the great effective prescription which will give us the most sincere, most warm answer in every stage of love.

After several twists,many Chinese singers worked with their mind to transform to other stages but Jeff is always in his original way.Even he had some attempt to the contemporary music style but just the addition not the subversion.His texture never changes and insists to publish regularly the new works.The times didn’t erode his gentle facial appearance and didn’t wash the color of his music.At this time, there are less Chinese love songs which will make us shed tears but Jeff still have more great songs and keep performing and composing.The prince of love ballads which were the past years doesn’t become the king, because we hope he still the prince who is full of youth,vitality forever.He and his songs will never get old.

The movie My New Sassy Girlfriend will be on show which is equally a story about time and emotion.Its old version movie was a great movie which causes the big influence and agitation.The theme song I Believe also was very popular at that time.After 15 years, the movie has its official sequel finally.To the people at the time, maybe it’s a recalling with emotion and retrospect the experience at once.What ‘s more is Jeff comes to hand the invitation to sing the Chinese song I Believe because his profound emotion, the integration between the music and singer, has just been to the point?

The further I Believe really has the fire-new attitude.Overall arrangements added more symphony which built the heavy music well after the song.The beginnings of this song throw the emotion of music into sharp relief to the peak.

The string music cross into his singing and show the type of ripe sagacity which like the growth of people in 15 years.The song not only sing the romantic love of the old time but also expound the deeper,saving quenching of love.Though time past, it grows better.All of this is the power of Jeff,the power of music,the power of belief.

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