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“Love Confession” Sang By Jay Chou Make You Feel Love

 As we all know, every day even every hour a new song or an album will be released. But today, our topic is about Chinese hit Songs which means they are very popular and classic in China and we hope this article can give some valuable information to you, which can help you follow the latest musical trend, and be a trendsetter.

“Love Confession” Sang By Jay Chou Make You Feel Love

Our website has introduced many popular Chinese songs in the past years. Today we would like to share a new topic about Chinese hit songs. Do you want to know which song we recommend? Just read the article and find out the song.

Jay Chou, an original singer that is revolutionary and indexes of the Pop music market, the musician who has deep influences in Chinese music, combines Chinese native culture with R&B music so that his R&B music form is completely Chinese style. He is an extraordinary artist, and is known all over the world. Today, we are going to talk about one of his popular song “love confession”.

The song “love confession” was released on June 24, 2016, and collected in the album "Jay Chou's bedside story" of Jay Chou. In January 2017, the song won Billboard Radio China2016 annual top ten golden melody awards.

The song was inspired by the beauty of the French, the composer want to create a song for jay Chou that is full with sweet, and make listeners to review the old small pure and fresh sense of the first love, Jay Chou worked with Vincent Fang all the time in the process, and he said that this song is the simplest, the best song he wrote in the album.

The shooting site in the music video is in Paris. In the mv, Jay is walking beside the Seine, stays in front of the Eiffel Tower, and creates a romantic scene. The part about love and confession in the music video, Jay Chou gave the mission to his worker Patrick Brasca. Patrick Brasca never has been in love, not to mention the experience of having no confession, and that makes him nervous. But with the help of Jay Chou and director, he did well in the mv. When shot the music video “Failure At Love”, Jay decorated a beautiful scene and he don’t want to waste that, so he redecorated the scene and created a feeling of sunset and afternoon tea.

“Along the Seine, you sip coffee. Holding a cup, I wanna have a taste. Impressed by your lipsticks. Pretty rose, who wrote a wrong name? Confession balloon, across the street. I saw a smile on your face. You said you is a little hard to get, want me to retreat. Fancy gifts you don’t need, but you want Wonderful leaves. I will give you a perfect date, risking everything I will face. You will be the only in my world. My honey, I love you since I met you. Everything will be sweet. My honey, I am with you, please look into my eyes and say yes I do…… My honey, I love you since the day I met you, full of sweet memories.

Your image occupies each my dream night, never disappear. My honey, don't be capricious, your eyes are saying yes I do.” The lyrics are relaxed and catchy, full with the feeling of Jay Chou's songs. The front section is full of R&B style, describe the throb you first meet your love. But what is special is that then it turns into a romantic "hand song". Follow the melody and the rhythm, make listeners want to shake their hand and body like they are in the concert enjoying the romance Jay Chou shows us.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song Lyrics:

PinYin:  yōng yǒu nǐ jiù yōng yǒu   quán shì jiè

Chinese: 拥    有  你  就  拥    有     全    世 界

English:  with you, just like I have the world.

The “拥有你” means with you, the”拥有全世界” means have the world.

“Bracing The Chill” Sang By Diamond And Aska Yang Tell A Love Story

The funny part of watching TV show is not only just about enjoying the story the TV show tells, but also about enjoying its music. Generally the music is the essence, because it can let us know something about the show before we enjoy it and make us feel the topic.

A TV show “Ten great III of peach blossom” broadcasted on January 30, 2017, and the amount of play reached 600 million in just 12 hours. On March 1, there were more than 295 million plays in the network, with Youku leading the network with 9.5 billion total playbacks. The TV show was a great success and ending song“Bracing the Chill” is also a huge success.

The song “Bracing the Chill” is sang by Diamond and Aska Yang, with deep feeling and gentle voice, included in the album " Ten great III of peach blossom TV soundtrack" which released on February 18, 2017, is the ending song of this TV show. In particular, the lyricist is Chang Liu, a senior student who major English in Dalian university of technology City College. She said before writing this song, she read the original novel several times so the song is tailor-made for the TV show, the lyrics perfectly draw the love that is not to be loved, and the love that ends with it. The story of the TV show was hard but the ending was happy, so this song is also meant to convey a warm feeling to the audiences.

The gentle female voice of Diamond tries to express the feeling of leading actress, show us the heartbreak and the longing for this doomed love, even the tiny changes are presented in the evolution of the tone and melody of Diamond. At the same time, the interpretation of Aska Yang’s male voice part fills the feeling of the female voice, make audiences feel they are surrounded by kind of gentle security. The combination of their voices is so perfect that listeners think they are actually personally on the scene.

“Breeze growing cold, fading into night. Searching high and low,running out of light. Can't let go, try as you might. Casting away, moments from before. Love is an ocean, you said it's desert on the shore. I'll show you once more. Thoughts of you are like a river. Comforting chilling my soul. Caught in a stream of matters. You're swept along growing cold. Heartbreak is full of pleasant memories. Joy turn into pain. Love can not be easily forgotten. Past lives weren't lived in vain. Past lives weren't lived in vain.

Deep down I know I have lived this all. Or wandering alone, for seeking what I saw. Time goes, must stand tall. Any time or place,together apart. Always it remains a place for you reserved my heart. And these outstretched arms. Thoughts of you are like a river. Comforting chilling my soul. Caught in a stream of matters. You're swept along growing cold. Heartbreak is full of pleasant memories. Joy turn into pain. Love can not be easily forgotten. Past lives weren't lived in vain.

Present past and future. Good bad mix into grey. Even if it takes till forever, I must try and find a way. Frozen paths lie before me. Waiting for warmth of spring. I have loved you in each and every lifetime, you're my everything. Let me hold you eternally.” Aska Yang used the sound line of pure and fine alcohol perform the only love leading man has for leading lady, and Diamond sings in a soft way to describe the love.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song Lyrics:

PinYin:  liáng liáng yè sè wéi nǐ  sī niàn chéng hé

Chinese:  凉   凉     夜 色  为 你  思 念    成     河

English:  Thoughts of you are like a river.

The “凉凉夜色为你思念” means thought of you, the”成河” means like a river.

“Decade” By Eason Chan Is A Chord In The Love Of Young People

If you have read many articles from our website, you would find out that we have shared many beautiful songs for you. In this article, our goal is to find Chinese hit Songs which deserve high attention, hope your continuing attention to our website and enjoy in music world.

“Decade” is a classic love song written by Leung Wai Man and sung by Eason Chan.

The song is included in Eason’s album Black White & Gray that released on April 1, 2003. The cantonese version of the song is “The Line-Up”, collected in the albumThe Line-Up released by Eason Chan in 2002. The son won LOVE RADIO 103.7 FM's "Ten Top Chinese LOVE song in the new century" champion in 2011.

Taiwanese musician Xiao Xia Chan has spent two nights creating “decade”. Before the song “decade”, songs were composed by Xiao Xia Chan first then the lyricist wrote the words according to its melody. But this song changed the way she usually wrote it, she composed the song after she got the lyrics, so the melody of this is especially free, and she thinks it will make the audience more receptive. As soon as the song was launched, Eason quickly opened its presence in the mainland.

The song with Eason Chan’s unique interpretation represents the confused and unending bitterness of the mood. The song is a classic love song, it not only is a popular choice for the general election shows, but also represents the emotional world of the middle-aged and the young. “Decade” and Eason Chan are like twins, if it’s Eason’s concert, then the song “decade” is a song he certainly will sing. As long as the melody of “decade" is playing, the emotional defense of the audience will collapse instantly, Countless emotional stories begin to flow with music, let everyone have no escape from.

“If the two words never shake and hide up  I guess I never understand  Things can be the pain  Is just break up  If tomorrow never ask for more  Then hold my hands to the walk  ten thousands of doors  Be waiting for the sorrow  No friendship can never be careful  So writing for we say goodbye  We should enjoy and share our tears  Before two days  I’ve being love you ……Nothing for hello  Nothing for remember  Remember we looked our hearts and kiss then  And our love lesson that fades away”.

The lyrics of this song are tragic, but even is such artistic conception, the word of Leung Wai Man also can write it with beauty, and the lyrics ” I don't know you, you don't belong to me” has become classic lyrics. The melody of this song is the typical music style of Xiao Xia Chan, full of sweet and love, with the unique voice of Eason, the song is a perfect combination.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song Lyrics:

PinYin:  wǒ bú rèn shí nǐ   nǐ bù shǔ yú wǒ

Chinese: 我 不  认   识 你 你 不  属  于  我

English:  I don't know you, you don't belong to me. 

The “我” means I, the”不认识” means don’t know, the “你” means you, the “属于” means belong to.

If you have read this article conscientious, I believe that you have a new understanding about Chinese hit songs. If you want to learn more about it, you can continue to focus on our website, and we will do our best to provide you with interesting articles and opinions.  It’s my pleasure to share these three songs with you guys, I can’t wait to see you next time.

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