Chinese Hanch Brother Begin the New Journal:All Day

Chinese Hanch Brother begin the new journal:All Day

How hot to the Hip-Hop nowdays?There are petrified that none of statistics can ensure this.But there are some facts emphasise that it is the best popular music style at present. The Korean has Hip-Hop talent show which has held five seasons and the last season has more than 9,000 player take parts in it.

The player not only has the idol singer,underground Hip-Hop strong player and other persons are good at Hip-Hop. You can search for the same thing in Europe and America which is the main music style in Grand prize and other prize.

But there is some difference in China music.Due to various reasons, the Chinese Hip-Hop song doesn’t have the same grand occasion. Half-underground occasion have begun and it needs more time to become the certain trend and more type music to be created.

With more Chinese Hip-Hop songs made, it will be necessary to define the detailed tributary. Depending on this, we must comp up with the Chinse Hanch Brother whose style leading the Urban Hip-Hop.If you like the Koren popular music, you may have heard then. The Dalong Zhen,Xiaolong Zhen has been trainee in Korea within years trains.Then they debut that uses The Tasty name.When they were in Korea, they won the Korean Next Generation.

Nowdays, they come back to China with the big trend and begin to show their talent in the TV Day Day UP.

With the educated background and development in Korea, helping the Chinese Hanch Brother has their special competitiveness like the normal talent: dance and sing.The best inexpensive talent is that they can compose.

At first leading song of the new EP WORK, All Day just shows the above belief that is composed by themselves.It is a case in Urban Hip-Hop.

All of this song are fun of popular feeling not only the melody but also the lyrics.Prejudiced R&B dealing style makes all the song sound pleasant.With considering about the difficulty of the Chinese Hip-Hop melody,they added some English lyrics which don’t tower and never lose the globality.

All Day is the song that describes the endless missing between the boy and the girl. The girl always in the boy’s brain even the boy is busy and the boy wants to go to the girl side.The heartbeat of love makes this song pleasant and fashion.The singing is soft,and special pronounce which add more mysteries into the love.Imaging that it will take the great feeling to the young person when they out of work at home and make the sleepy music more soft.

It’s expected that it just the main title song of the new beginning.What will happen in the future?How much surprise they will take to us.

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