Chinese Folk Song Live A More Than Desultory Life Sang by Xu Wei

Chinese Folk Song Live a More Than Desultory Life Sang by Xu Wei

The new song Live a More Than Desultory Life of Xu Wei become very popular when it comes up.It’s greatest of literary, poetry, melody and grasps accurately the target audience.This Chinese folk song raised a big splash which made the people have the impulsion to loop up at the starlit sky in the time of being the feelings.But the jollification is theirs. I don’t have nothing.

The song is wrote and composed by Gao Xiaosong.He always talks about again and again “Live a more than desultory life, open arms of poems and distant lands.”So he expand this sentence to form a song.This song made the sentence as its quintessence.Chinese singer Xu Wei is especially famous for far-reaching conception and although he is not very famous, he has a lot of faithful fans.Both of Gao and Xu made notorious in the era of idealism and has the strong ambience of literature and art.

That’s why the Chinese song has the bright emotional tag that it is sung to the successful person who used to be poor.They eager to need to look back their past.In the successful time, cherish the memory of pastime is used for self-consolation.Time brings a great change to the worlds and everything has changed after they accomplished their enterprise.So this group has the bright resonance with the song.

In other groups, the singer is seems like the chicken soup of the success science that tells us that you must hold your ideals and don’t drift along in the limited circumstances.But if you lack of those experience, you can’t feel the feelings.

Xiaosong hope everyone can have the poetry and distant lands in their eyes.But there are less person can be his.It will be a lot explanations in the poetry and distant lands.

And Xu Wei changes his role from the underground rock singers to the literary youth idol that is depending on the stick to Chinese music.The experience of Xu and Gao is proving the “Sticking your dream, you will win”.Selling idea, feelings become the popular things at the present.But to the normal people like you and me,the poetry and distant lands like the type of warning and longing and also is the comfort of the heart and ridicule reluctantly the real life.

Zhu Ziqing wrote the cicadaes sound on the tree and the frog voice in the water in The Lotus Pool by Moonlight.He said that the jollification is theirs. I don’t have nothing.For the successful people,this song hit their heart and provides the argument when the flaunt their experience of the vicissitudes.But others, it just other justification.

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