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Chinese Classic Song: Half Moon Serenade

In the Tv music show I AM A SINGER, Joey Yung use a Chinese classic song Half Moon Serenade to get rid of the scope of her narrow audiences with her only magnum opus Proud of You and Small Small.

Fortunately, Joey don’t choose the Proud of You as her song when she came on the stage of I AM A SINGER and choose a Chinese classic song Half Moon Serenade which is liked by many fans.On the one hand use the Cantonese song to give clear indication of where she comes from, on the other hand use the difficult song to prove her actual strength.

At the earliest,Half Moon Serenade was recorded in the album Symbol of Fate which was pushed out by Hacken Lee in 1987.The song is a cover version of Japanese famous singer Kawai Naoko,but Hacken make the cover version as his magnum opus.

Other famous singer Priscilla Chan also has a cover version of this song but it’s a pity that she can’t exceed the level of Hacken.As the same, the cover vision of this song also can’t exceed the vision of Hakcken.

Before Joey comes on the state, the careful audience would find out that the version of the Half Moon Serenade was arranged by Anthony Chue and Su Wen. Anthony Chue is a famous soundtrack master of the music of the song and also the first chosen arranger by Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Eason Chan.

Anthony knows how to making the musical note to become smooth layers of string music which would fit ideally the sound ray of the singer. Su Wen is the first chosen arranger of Joey and is good at any musical style and have the great contribution to the musical style of Joey.With the help of the arrangement, the version of Joey won the third prize of the game relies on the special lasting appeal.

The version is not a small standard because its band and large-scale string band help the song show its style from the big aspect.Joey sings this song very clearly and accurately shows the great annotation of this song.She also serves as an example of a singer in the stage for other singers.

You only give a song of time, then you would fall in love with her.Because most people are unfamiliar with her in the Tv show, the “unknown” also can make geometric level favorable impression or negative comment which relies on the presentation in the singing.Of cause, the singing of Joey satisfies the expectation of the audience.

Joey sing this song in the Tv show I AM A SINGER which has the high audience rating help her old impression and show her actual level of singing.If you know more about Joey, you would know that it’s the only part of her.She also has the high level of singing and dancing.

Half Moon Serenade reveals that the wide voice registers and the characteristic of alt of Joey.After you listening her other songs,like Sleep With Butterfly, In Search of the Supernatural, What's up, Reinforce,you would find the whole Joey in those music.

Ok,that’s our introduction about this great Chinese classic song Half Moon Serenade.You can search for the download this Chinese song here for yourself.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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