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Chinese Bible Songs: Melting of Foreign Music In Chinese Songs

Religious music is the origin of European art and music. Before the 18th century, music was mainly church music in Europe, and church music was mainly the chant. After the period of enlightenment, music developed in secularization boomingly. But church music still dominated the center in Europe music area. Bible songs, also a kind of sacred music, convey both the revelation of the god and the worship to god. Besides, they reveal believers’ pray and wish.

In Christianity, brothers and sisters sing song named spiritual songs which are also the praise and worship songs. They praise Christian and Jesus. After the 16s century, composers rebuilt them with the organ. In the 17s century, religions’ music played an important hole in Germany. These religious songs can be classified into two kinds: one kind is songs which are created by composers, with high artistic value, but they cannot be sung easily in ordinary believers chant.

Bach had written a great deal of praising songs in this kind. The other is composed by the believers with not high but catchy, suitable for ordinary believers. Most churches prefer to the second kind of religious songs, which includes the bible songs.

The first bible song is Tears of Thanksgiving. It is created by a talented girl who has no music courses and training but composes more than 1500 bible songs. The second bible song we will meet is Streaming in the Desert, a characteristic term adapted from a book which had recorded a Christian’s life feelings about Lord. The third one is How Great Thou Art. It was produced by a Swedish when he experienced the Lord’s power. And the song is well received by churches rapidly. It was converted into Chinese and changed into a chorus in Chinese churches.

Tears of Thanksgiving: A Talented Bible Songs Composer(感恩的泪)

One of the Chinese bible songs, Tears of Thanksgiving, is composed and written by Lv Xiaomin. When Lv Xiaomin was two years old, she lived in a family that was so poor that she almost was given away. She had to go to work full-time without finishing her study in junior high school. She had never been trained in music. When she was nineteen years old, she was inspired by a beautiful song in heart.

She sang it out with lyrics and tune. It surprised her older brother. Because she couldn’t write a spectrum, her older brother recorded the song. Everyone heard the song couldn’t believe that it was her works. And the song was spread widely around the small village.

Now, Xiaomin has written more than 1500 songs. And she continually thinks,” God is creator of the songs, I am just a container for Jesus”. Although she has received numerous praising, she believes that she just sings the sound she hears in heart. Her father couldn’t help to be able to say that her songs are gifts from God. Musicians in abroad are looking forward to that she have further learning in foreign. However, she insists to stay in China, contributes for her motherland and spreads the bible songs in China.

Until 2014, Anthology of Canaan has 1500 songs. Some people think that the Anthology of Canaan is the same as Henan opera in some terms. It is one of the important reasons that the Anthology of Canaan can touch people’s heart in deep. In addition, because of the wonderful interpretation of scripture in the lyrics, it reflects the position of the church in China and the pursuit of believers.

As the Tears of Thanksgiving sings, “A flow of grateful tears/ My words in the heart cannot be said completely/ Nail marks on the hands/Knocking on the closed door/ A soft voice/ Take our hearts away/ Knowing the way/ A road has a cross/ Storming and raining seriously/ Tough and hard/ Lord’s kind and nice hands/ Holding my hands all the time/ With no reasons/ Can deny to walk across the road”, it expresses how grateful the believers to the Lord. It praises the grant Lord.

Her simple and sincere lyrics are inspired by the inspiration or emotion of the various situations, so she can encourage the believers to be braver and comfort the brothers and sisters who are suffering troubles in life. Believers often listen to the poems of Canaanite poetry, and often moved to tears.They even devote themself completely to the Lord, willing to follow the Lord without regret.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:  gǎn ēn de lèi zhǐ  bú zhù de liú  xīn lǐ de huà ér shuō yě shuō bú gòu

Chinese: 感 恩  的  泪 止   不 住   的 流  心  里 的 话  儿   说   也  说   不  够

English: With a flow of grateful tears, my words in the heart cannot be said completely

The “感恩” means “be grateful and thanksgiving”. The “泪” means “tears”. The “心里” means “in the heart”. The “话” means “words”.

Streaming In The Desert: A Chinese Bible Song Adapted From Books(每一天我要赞美你)

Steaming in the Desert is one of the Chines Bible songs which are according to sentences in the Bible. In fact, it is a book originally. It excerpts the writings and quotations of many famous writers such as Sim Buzhen, Mad and Edwards, who is loved by Mrs. Corman. Besides, it is consists of Mrs. Corman’s thoughts as well, recording her reading experience and feeling of life.

The book detailed records of the life feeling each day of the year. At the same time, it brings a large number of sermons, the religious writings and the poetry. The seemingly ordinary work was immediately aroused widespread attention throughout the world. Over the next few years, it was translated into more than 10 languages. And it was turned into one of Chinese bible songs.

As it sings,“ You are streaming in the desert/ you are a rain after drought/ In my moments of despair/ You are always by my side/ Hold out your nails with scales/ Wipe my sad tears/ Led me out of the vast wilderness/ Reach the Canaan/ Oh my Lord/ How long your love is/…How deep your love is/ You make risk into safe/ You should be praised”, it expresses believers value Lord’s gift including the water, food and clothes. In addition, it shows a positive influence in moral characters.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:    nǐ shì huāng mò de gān quán  nǐ  shì jiǔ hàn de gān lín

Chinese:  你 是  荒     漠   的 甘     泉   你  是  久 旱   的 甘 霖 

English: You are streaming in the desert. You are a rain after drought

The “荒漠” means “desert”. The “甘泉” means “tasty streaming”. The “久旱” means “being drought for a long time”. The “甘霖” means “tasty rain”.

How Great Thou Art(你真伟大)

The last one of the Chinese bible songs is How Great You Are. Its original author was a young Swedish priest. He was in his hometown in the earlier years and edited Christian Weekly Newspapers. Then, he served as a member of Parliament in Sweden. In summer in 1880, when he was encountering in the countryside, it was a thunderstorm suddenly. The thunder rolled. The electricity was shining and the rain was pouring down. However, the sky was quite clear and the sun was shining soon.

At this moment, he was shocked by the great and marvelous creation of the universe. He bent his knees to praise God for his power. His mind was refreshed by the bating of God. Hence, he wrote down nine paragraphs of poems. Then, he backed to home with the rainbow next to rain. After arrived house, he divided the nine paragraphs into two parts, mixing the tune of ancient Swedish folk music.

When he was teaching in the church, he would share the experience and the poem with other brothers and sisters. The poem was widely recognized by listeners. Since 1886, the poem has been sung in every church in Swedish. And it was interpreted into numerous languages.

In China, How Great Thou Art is transformed as a song, which is performed by Xi Xiulan, in her Most Beautiful Moment album, singing in “O Lord my God/ When I in awesome wonder/ Consider all the works/ Thy hands have made/ I see the stars/ I hear the rolling thunder/ Thy power throughout/ The universe displayed/ Then sings my soul/ My Savior God to Thee/ Great Thou art How Great Thou art/ Then sings my soul/ My Savior God to thee/ How great Thou art How great Thou art…”The bible says,” God loves the world, and he gives his only son( Jesus) to all who believe in him, one who will not to perish but have eternal life.” Jesus says,” I come, aiming to make a man alive, and make a man more fruitful.”

God created man to enjoy the world for him with same joy and abundance, but some people abandoned the God, doing things according to his will, that can reach: moral standards and behavior don’t meet the demands of God( This is the sin in Bible). In Christian, as we see a watch, we know that there is a maker, and also, when we see the world, we know that there is a God who creates all things in the universe. God creates man in his own image and likeness, and loves the world.

God loves you and he wants you to enjoy peace and joy with eternal life. The whole song reveals great grateful toward the grand Lord. The song also becomes a widely spreading chorus in churches in China. Brothers and sisters would like to practice it to give a performance before confessing in the church.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:   bù néng lǐng huì , zhǔ zài shí jià , gān yuàn bèi wǒ de zhòng dàn

Chinese: 不   能    领  会,    主  在  十 架,   甘    愿    背  我  的    重   担

English: I scarce can take it in that on the cross. My burden was gladly bearing.

The “不能” means “cannot be in some situations”. The “领会” means “to comprehend”. The “主” means “the Lord named in Chinese”. The “十架” means “the cross that Jesus was put on”. The “甘愿” means “be willing to do something”. The “重担” means “heavy burden”.

In fact, Chinese bible songs are popular with their rich meanings and touching emotions. Christianity in China is independent of the Vatican system because there are many situations in China. Christians are generally accepted baptism.

The water baptism is the ritual, shows that trust in the blood of Jesus can wash way all evil, shows that with the voluntary to die in burial and live with Lord together, showed that admit to trinity God in the name of the son of father and holy spirit, showed that all one’s life becomes a part of the Lord. The man who has faith in his heart can be pure and powerful, and lives in the world with unprotected soul, because faith can guide himself, and his heart will not be lost.

The Bible is thought as the most important book in the world in believers. In Christian, only by reading more, Bible, can we know which the requirements and the wills of Jesus are. All the wisdom in the Bible is priceless. It is the principles written to mankind by God. Reversely, there must be a normal morality in the heart, so that faith can be used as a cover to walk the wrong way.

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