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China Song Instrument Introduction:Erhu Fiddle

The new China song instrument introduction is coming!Today we will learn something about the instrument: erhu.Erhu first appeared in Song Dynasty (A.D.960-1279).But others think its origin would be dated to the Tang Dynasty (A,D,618-907).Nonetheless, we think the instrument was introduced to China and was called “Ji Qin ”.

It’s one of the most popular instrument in China today as a medium for both traditional and contemporary music. It is the most fashionable of the huqin family of conventional bowed string instruments used by various cultural groups of China.It started to be popular in southern China during Song Dynasty,which gave it another name “Nan -hu ”(Chinese call “South ”as “nan”)


The erhu has a small body and a long neck.Composed of a drum-like wood sound box covered with a snake skin head, two metal strings stretched from the sound box along a slim bridge, sound is generated by a horse hair bamboo bow.It like specifically a spike fiddle,which may also be called a "southern fiddle", and sometimes well known in the Western world as the "Chinese violin" or a "Chinese two-stringed fiddle".(But erhu is quite different from a western fiddle.).

With a variety of about three octaves, it's sound is rather like a violin, but with a thinner tone due to the smaller resonating chamber. In the 2nd orchestra, they are usually divided into 1st and 2nd parts.Player of an erhu usually sits, and the erhu is put on his left upper thigh in front of his left hip. It always has a hexagonal shape with the size of approximately 13cm. The front opening is covered with skin of Python (snake) and that of the back is left open. The functions of this case of resonance are to increase the vibrations of the strings. The neck of the erhu is about 81cm long and is manufactured with the same materials as the drum.

Story about erhu

Yes,we think it’s too boring to learn the construction of the instrument.But we know if you want to learn more thing about China song,you must have the preparation to mater the Chinese musical instrument knowledge.However, now we like to have fun to tell you a story about it.

One day a player called Xu Yan played “Ji Qin ”song or the king and ministers in the palace.Of course, Xu was gifted at erhu that’s why he played for the king.He played very well with more mood.But unfortunately when the king and ministers fall in love the song,a string of the Erhu was broken by Xu because he put more power on it.In China,if you have some error in front of the will be killed in the past.But brave Xu was a wise man and only used the other string to keep the music continually.Finally the king didn’t realize the error and thought the man play very well,so Xu got much gold and other rewards.

Would you like the story?Our website will provide more music story and music video about erhu. Hope you enjoy the erhu music of our website and continue to love China song !

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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