China Song Instrument Introduction:Chinese Zither(guzheng)

CHinese zither

Chinese Zither(guzheng) is one of the oldest China song instrument.It has 18 or more string and the movable bridges.Modern guzheng usually has 21 strings and bridges.It has appeared in more than two thousands histories and the graceful tone with the great momentum.People always used the “Listening the Chinese zither is likely to stay a heaven to enjoy it  to show the player’s perfect skill.People always call the zither as the Guzheng.That’s because the instrument has the original ancient history,full of national color and the abundant zither song.In history,the guzheng sometimes was called as the Qin Dynasty Zither,Yao Zither,Sliver Zither,Cloudy Zither and the Plain Zither.

It became prominent during the Qin period, and by the Tang Dynasty, the guzheng was arguably the most commonly played instrument in China.

With the development of Chinese Zither, the zither have been sped to mangy country likes the North Korea,Japan,Vietnamese etc.

Guzheng has more playing style and the performers in its history.You can learn more detail from the page:

Our website have the Chinese Zither page which will share more Chinese zither song.There are Chinese old songs and you can download it .In fact,all of the songs don’t have the lyrics because they are just melody in Chinese history.In this page,we will introduce the zither musicians and the famous Chinese zither song to you.There is always a youtube video or free MP3 download.

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