China Love Song: Song For Strange Girl(Gei Mo Sheng Nv Hai De Ge)

China Love Song: Song To Strange Girl(Gei Mo Sheng Nv Hai De Ge)

After the ending of Chinese Comedy Central Roast, J.He pushes her new China love song Song For Strange Girl(给陌生女孩的歌).It’s not a song that full of smile.The content of this song is so full of the past pain.Many people like to listen is as a sad love song which combined the experience of J He and her annual ring in her voice.In fact, this song just talked about a sad love story.

The background of this song is definitely lovesick.The Chinese lyrics “The lover has gone, all of the world is empty.The heart is like break out to be a hole”.Those memories is not only the pain but also the stigma within the depressive piano and the string music to make the time to stop and make the sadness to freeze.

If following the above line to develop, this song would be a sad love song which attracts others pity or make us cry.Its final ending would make the lovesick people to have a great big cry.It would take such strange girl who would never touch love and keep alone.

But J He doesn’t obey the way.Although her voice which has the same texture as the noontide of  Sammi Cheng, Miriam Yeung become mature that has the fit magnetism and the restrain in emotion and skill in the China love song,it don’t make the song heartless but make all of this song that has a calm and easy experience and toughening.

J He become more mature and realize how restrain her emotion in the music and make the melody combined with experience each other then it transfer to pour out the feeling face to face and paint the perceptual line which is full of the female femininity and the fickle destiny.

Nonetheless, J He still is J He.Obviously, Song For Strange Girl used the past personal tone to tell the story.But it didn’t take the role as a teacher or warning and even used the sad experience to cut the love dream that the girl has.Although it tells us the sad story, it also advises us that everything will be ok after the rainstorm.The most important part isn’t the cry but is the smile after the cry.

From this meaning, J He went through the rainstorm and gets pain in love and even her voice become temping but she still is a stubborn girl.When all of the Chinese singers walk the same line with growth continually, J He still keeps her original heart and the curiosity within growth.

J He takes the China love song and the mature mood and original emotion to come back.We still keep the mind,a smile-a-lot girl never gets close to misfortune.

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