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Chi Chi Di Deng 痴痴地等 Waiting Here Just For You Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Mei Dai 美黛

Chinese Song Name: Chi Chi Di Deng 痴痴地等
English Tranlation Name: Waiting Here Just For You
Chinese Singer: Mei Dai 美黛
Chinese Composer: Wang Fu Ling 王福龄
Chinese Lyrics: Tao Qin 陶秦

Chi Chi Di Deng 痴痴地等 Waiting Here Just For You Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Mei Dai 美黛

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

bù zhī dào shì zǎo chén 
不 知  道  是  早  晨   
I didn't know it was morning
bù zhī dào shì huáng hūn 
不 知  道  是  黄    昏  
I don't know if it's yellow
kàn bú dào tiān shàng de yún 
看  不 到  天   上    的 云  
You can't see the clouds in the sky
jiàn bú dào jiē biān de dēng 
见   不 到  街  边   的 灯
I can't see the street lights
hēi qī qī 
黑  漆 漆 
Black lacquer paint
yīn chén chén 
阴  沉   沉   
Yin sink sink
nǐ ràng wǒ zài zhè lǐ 
你 让   我 在  这  里 
You let me in here
chī chī dì děng 
痴  痴  地 等   
Chi chi ground, etc
xiǎng de shì nǐ de ài 
想    的 是  你 的 爱 
Thinking about your love
xiǎng de shì nǐ de wěn 
想    的 是  你 的 吻  
Thinking about your kiss
liú bú jìn xiāng sī de lèi 
流  不 尽  相    思 的 泪
Do not shed tears of thought 
áo bù wán lí bié de hèn 
熬 不 完  离 别  的 恨  
I can't get through the hate of leaving
mèng yōu yōu 
梦   悠  悠  
Dream leisurely leisurely
hūn chén chén 
昏  沉   沉   
Faint sink sink
nǐ ràng wǒ zài zhè lǐ 
你 让   我 在  这  里 
You let me in here
chī chī dì děng 
痴  痴  地 等   
Chi chi ground, etc
yě céng tīng dào zǒu jìn de zú shēng 
也 曾   听   到  走  近  的 足 声    
I've heard feet approaching
liáo qǐ wǒ duō shǎo xīng fèn 
撩   起 我 多  少   兴   奋  
Lift me up more or less
yě céng dī hū nǐ de míng zi 
也 曾   低 呼 你 的 名   字 
I have called thee by thy name
pàn zhe nǐ xiàng wǒ fēi bēn 
盼  着  你 向    我 飞  奔  
Waiting for you to fly to me
kàn qīng chu lvè guò de yǐng zi 
看  清   楚  掠  过  的 影   子 
See clear chu swept shadow son
cái zhī dào shì yí gè mò shēng de rén 
才  知  道  是  一 个 陌 生    的 人  
Then I realized that he was a stranger
huì bu huì nǐ zài lái 
会  不 会  你 再  来  
Will you come again
yào bu yào wǒ zài děng 
要  不 要  我 再  等
Would you like me to wait
yí biàn biàn wǒ zì jǐ xiǎng 
一 遍   遍   我 自 己 想    
Over and over I thought to myself
yì shēng shēng wǒ zì jǐ wèn 
一 声    声    我 自 己 问  
I asked myself
hèn yě shēn 
恨  也 深   
Hate is deep
ài yě shēn 
爱 也 深   
Love is deep
wǒ hái shì zài zhè lǐ 
我 还  是  在  这  里 
I'm still here
chī chī dì děng 
痴  痴  地 等  
Chi chi ground, etc

Some Great Reviews About Chi Chi Di Deng 痴痴地等 Waiting Here Just For You

Listener 1: "This song is the best medicine for my healing, no one can accompany me to walk through the sea of sadness, just like Xu Yuwei singing you are the one I love most, which attracts my heart"

Listener 2: "Infatuated love, falling in love with the right person; Crazy and so on, waiting for buried in the heart of late happiness. The single cycle, like feeling for someone, accumulates over and over and warms the rest of your life to the end."

Listener 3: "The original song is a Mandarin version of The song, composed by Luo Dayou in 1976 and sung by Fei Fei Feng. In the future, Deng Ruixia will be the first singer of the Cantonese version of the song. After that, Anita Mui sang the mandarin version of the song. So we don't have to argue about whether Anita Mui or Deng Ruixia sing the original or the cover."

Listener 4: "Missing is not you, but you give the fatal once. Broken a ground if say, piece together not to return yesterday! The most painful pain is to forgive, the darkest black is despair! Yes is you pale I wait, satirize my persistence!"

Listener 5:"Love and marriage in Lugu Lake is based on love and freedom. Boys and girls here are gentle and affectionate, and Najin is no exception. That night, as Na Jin floated me around Lugu Lake in her pig trough boat, the stars twinkling in the sky reflected on the dreamlike lake, the breeze lightened my indignation at the world. Looking into Her happy eyes, I asked her wittily, "Do you have a note?" Nagin shook her head and sang to me a soulful local folk song, a sentimental and innocent Mosuo girl whose rocking of a wooden oar was faintly reflected on the clean surface of the lake, causing ripples in my heart as if I were reading the beautiful and sad legend of The goddess Gham. Suddenly, my mobile phone rang, the boss from the distant Zhongshan called me back to deal with the case, the loud bell from the beautiful atmosphere to pull me back to the cruel reality, in order to maintain the atmosphere I did not say too much to the boss, promised to go back as soon as possible to hang up the phone. But Nagin saw a change in my silence. She dropped her OARS and squatted down beside me as if she did not know what to say. I know it's a night for Asha and His girlfriend to show their love. At this time, I just want to do na Jin's eternal note, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and utility, let the heart fly freely. I knew that Nagin was in love with me, and when she burst out it was like fire. She leaned her frail body in my arms and sighed and said, "I want to be with you forever." But by too much fidgety and noisy, her heart is still in the plateau that piece of clean Lugu Lake. I silently sent her to Guangzhou, and then forced the ticket money back to Kunming and Lijiang into her hand. Everything was done, and the flight to Kunming would take off in half an hour. I watched Nakin walk into the gate step by step, listening to her say with tears: "Lazhuo, I'm sorry". My heart is very painful, tears but how also flow out. A few days after Nagin had gone I found a letter in the drawer that she had left for me: "Now that I am gone, take care. There is something I have always wanted to say to you. The war you fought in the courtroom, no matter who won or lost, you saved yourself by letting go of it "

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