Chen Xi 晨曦 The Early Morning Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhou Xing Cai Rang 周兴才让

Chen Xi 晨曦 The Early Morning Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhou Xing Cai Rang 周兴才让

Chinese Song Name: Chen Xi 晨曦
English Tranlation Name: The Early Morning
Chinese Singer: Zhou Xing Cai Rang 周兴才让
Chinese Composer: Jia Ba A San 贾巴阿叁
Chinese Lyrics: Jia Ba A San 贾巴阿叁

Chen Xi 晨曦 The Early Morning Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhou Xing Cai Rang 周兴才让

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

chén xī sǎ zài wǒ jiā wū yán shàng 
晨   曦 洒 在  我 家  屋 檐  上    
The morning light fell on the eaves of my house
yé ye hé wǒ yì qǐ qù fàng yáng 
爷 爷 和 我 一 起 去 放   羊   
Grandpa and I will go to herd the sheep
yáng ér sǎn luò zài nà shān pō shàng 
羊   儿 散  落  在  那 山   坡 上    
The sheep scattered on the slope of the hill
pū bí ér lái zhèn zhèn de fāng xiāng 
扑 鼻 而 来  阵   阵   的 芳   香    
The fragrance from the front of the nose
zhàn zài gù xiāng zuì gāo de shān dǐng 
站   在  故 乡    最  高  的 山   顶   
Standing on the top of the highest mountain in guxiang
yáo wàng yuǎn fāng hái shì nà yuǎn fāng 
遥  望   远   方   还  是  那 远   方   
The far side is still the far side
ā  pǔ wò sà lái dào wǒ shēn páng 
阿 普 沃 萨 来  到  我 身   旁   
Apowasa came to me
gào su wǒ de wèi lái huì zěn yàng 
告  诉 我 的 未  来  会  怎  样   

What will become of him who tells me of me

Some Great Reviews About Chen Xi 晨曦 The Early Morning 

Listener 1: "his home, his story, all he has is laid out little by little with the sound. Ethereal with free and easy, soft with bold. Bring people a little into his story, grassland, horse, boundless blue sky, clear, suddenly touched the heart of a string. "

Listener 2: "the song begins with a kind of ethereal feeling. You listen to his voice even if you have never seen his hometown. It is as if you are looking at a painting and being there."

Listener 3 "just let the song is very righteous, very Man, very rock, very inspirational. The most important thing is very bloody! To some extent, the voice of China can carry forward the Chinese culture and national spirit. And blood is crucial to the national spirit, blood is a kind of strength, a kind of impulse. A quality of the will not to be silent in the face of violence and unjust oppression, but to resist and dare to resist. Has the independent spirit, has the backbone, has the heroic spirit, has the responsibility, has the heroic personality. Confucius has a saying: I fight my gram. My understanding is to know how to resist and how to be patient and restrained. Look at the TV screen now, at any moment you can see some male entertainers who have lost their gender characteristics, saying that they are full of sissy, that is, the so-called "pseudo-girl", and have no masculinity at all. But now a lot of beautiful women, even with "flesh posture" appear, completely lost a woman's grace and shy. In fact, the audience is very passive, because what the media advocate, the audience will appreciate, so the media choice is very important. "

Listener 4: "listen to the first sentence, let me think of two pictures, a man with felt hat driving sheep on the sichuan-tibet road, the little girl's monkey god uncle in the little girl's home far away on the mountains. Zhou xingcai's songs are real and pure, full of a sense of telling and a sense of story. The first time I heard it, I had goose bumps all over the floor. It was really nice. "

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