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Covering About History Stories By Great Chinese Dance Songs

Ambush On All Sides A Hero with Great Pity in History

Chinese dance songs are enriching with the history. After a long war, emperor of the Qin Dynasty in 221 BC unified the six countries, set up the first multi-ethnic feudal totalitarian country which was mainly consists of Han nationality in the Chinese history.

Classic Chinese Music: Ambush From Ten Sides

Classic Chinese Music: Ambush From Ten Sides

Ambush from Ten Sides is a large pipa music with a historical theme. It is Chinese top ten ancient classic Chinese music . There is no definite theory about the creation of this kind of music. According to relative material, it can be traced back to Tang Dynasty, where Bai Juyi (772-846) lived.

He wrote a very famous long poem called Travel of Pipa, in which it can be found that Bai Juyi had heard about a performance of pipa music about intense fighting scenes.  

Chinese Traditional Song:Mo Li Hua


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Chinese Traditional Song:The Butterfly Lovers

The Butterfly Lovers

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China Song Instrument Introduction:Pipa


Welcome to China song instrument Introduction time!The article will be the last instrument introduction of China music.If you want to read the other article about China instrument,you can click the China song instrument.Hope you can learn more about those articles.

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