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Learn Chinese In 5 Minutes: Learn Chinese Youtube Channel You Should Subscribe To

Learn Chinese In 5 Minutes Learn Chinese Youtube Channel You Should Subscribe To

Welcome to Learn Chinese In 5 Minutes Weekly(每周中文5分钟) again. Let us start today's content. Today we would also share some learn Chinese Youtube channel to help you learn Chinese.

By the way, we created a Youtube channel Miss Chinese Food which would help you to learn the Chinese recipes. If you like Chinese cooking culture, don't miss it. Just subscribe to us and share it with your friend. Tough it is only a video there, it will more and more new videos in the future. Following us and don't miss the delicious meals.

Find A Music World In Ancient Future


Whether it is sad yesterday, or full of vitality today, music will always play in our ears, in our mouth, no matter what difficulties, music will always let us relaxed. Whether in the ancient past, or the rapid development of technology today, we can not leave the world without music.

Today I'd like to recommend a great music webiste Ancient Future which you can enjoy the world music online.What amazing me is that they have world's longest running band dedicated to the creation of world fusion music.They also have the great asian style music.

Through cross-cultural communication and cooperation, Ancient Future creates a rich tradition and innovative music world. In addition to original music based on world traditions, many ensemble variations play traditional music from the personal cultures of the musicians working with the band. This provides an educational experience for the audience, getting people excited about world traditions, and then showing how these traditions enrich contemporary culture.

World music provides a wealth of knowledge for musicians, composers and listeners. The more one knows about tradition, the more one can enjoy it. In addition, the traditional training of world music creates musical models in the brain, greatly improving musical talent and enriching the composer's palette. These real world music ringtones is great which are 30 seconds long, they are derived from their vast catalog which has pieces as long as 28 minutes. So, they don't specialize in 30 second pieces. They are just edits for the ringtones format.

Traditional music provides an educational experience that gets people excited about ancient traditions and then shows how they enrich contemporary culture.  The longest band in the world is dedicated to creating world fusion music. The term "world fusion music" was coined in 1978 to describe music by Ancient Future. The world music artists that they share from major streaming music services are all members of the band Ancient Future.

Hope you have a great time in Ancient-Future.Com.


The Popular Chinese Love Songs That Are Very Warm To Encourage Us

Alex To An Optimistic View Of Love Conveys Emotion(你在我的爱情里)

If you are an old reader of our website, you will never be difficult to find we have shared many hot and vogue Chinese songs.  We hope that our articles not only can interest you of the Chinese songs culture but also help you improve your English at the same time. Today, we continue to introduce to you 3 popular Chinese love songs that are very warm to encourage us.

The Latest Chinese Songs In Chinse Music

IQ 250 The Song That Describes The Role Of The King Glory--Luban Seven(智商二零五)

Hua Chenyu is a singer who naturally expresses emotions in music.He was enthusiastic on stage.His eyes are sharp and determined.The strong body language, the vocal and emotional singing style, made him the luminosity of the stage.In the latest Chinese songs,Hua Chenyu’songs have been extremely popular with people,such as “IQ 250”,“To be free”,“Monkey King ”and so on.So, next, Icome on talk talk about why these songs are so popular.

How To Say Happy Birthday In Chinese Song With Your Friends

The Theme Song Of The Movie Happy Birthday By Rene Liu(Chinese Name is 生日快乐)

Look at the title and you can see what we're up to today.Yep, we will share some Chinese songs about birthday. As we know, birthday is a day when one is born. Traditional Chinese people use a lunar calendar for birthdays, and children's first birthday is called "one year old". There are various customs. The birthday of the elderly is called the birthday, and the age of 50 is called the great life. In Chinese tradition, we eat longevity noodles on birthday and receive the birthday wishes and presents from family and friends. With the introduction of Western culture, many people used the Gregorian calendar to calculate birthdays, and the celebration was changed to cake and candles.

Three Famous Chinese Pop Songs of Eason Chan Take You In Chinese World

Your Backpack(Chinese Name is 你的背包)

Eason Chan is one of the iconic figures in Hong Kong's mainstream music scene and has been hailed as a successor to Jacky Cheung.He experienced a process from commercial to non business.He was recognised by more people because of popular songs. After becoming famous, he gradually changed people's understanding of popular songs with music, so let me introduce some of the famous Chinese pop songs.

Christian Chinese Songs Take You Focusing At the Western Basement

Mother of God A Song Teaches Us to Love Others

Christian is a religion with most followers and it brings a huge influence on our society. After it was spread into the east, its Christian music and Christian culture were developed in China. All of them brought up Christian Chinese songs—the most typical new creation in Chinese mixed with Christianity.

The Chinese Song Online For The Moment In Chinese Music

The Memories Of Youth Face Without Makeup By Vae Xu(素颜)

Today we are going to share some Chinese song online with you. Online song is new form of music along with the generation of mp3, flash in the recent years. All kinds of online songs are spread over the Internet and can be accessed on the Internet. The threshold of online song is very low, all kinds of songs sung by netizens can be uploaded online, its openness, fashion, popularity and interactive, circulation and personalized features, which form the unique expressive form of music itself. Online music is equally a part of music, a product of The Times. The popularity and dissemination of it have a ununderestimated influence on the development of music.

Which Chinese Restaurant Song Is The Most Popular In Chinese Restaurant?

Red Bean A Lovesickness Plant(红豆)

Chinese restaurant song is born because the Chinese are in great favor toward food. In ancient China, there is a famous saying that food is the paramount necessity of the people. And in China, food is valuable because of its enormous popularity and frequent wars. Thus, the song which praises food appears. Composers would like to use the name of food as their works title or themes.

Chinese Praise and Worship Songs Show Each-making Works In New Era In Chinese Music

On The Hopeful Field A New Ideal Field In Civilians

Praise and worship songs are available in every country. Chinese praise and worship songs, certainly, have its own characters. China experienced a tough war period. After the victory of Anti-Japanese War in 1945, civil war in China exposed. Appearing the reversal of Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China in 1948, three campaigns broke out on the verge, including the Liaoshen Campaign, Huaihai Campaign and Pingjin Battle (three strategic battles).