Cang Hai Qing Zhou 沧海轻舟 The Sea And The Canoe Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Li Jian 李健

Cang Hai Qing Zhou 沧海轻舟 The Sea And The Canoe Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Li Jian 李健

Chinese Song Name: Cang Hai Qing Zhou 沧海轻舟
English Tranlation Name: The Sea And The Canoe
Chinese Singer: Li Jian 李健
Chinese Composer: Li Jian 李健
Chinese Lyrics: Li Jian 李健

Cang Hai Qing Zhou 沧海轻舟 The Sea And The Canoe Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Li Jian 李健                                      

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

lán tiān yī rán bái yún sǎn màn 
蓝  天   依 然  白  云  散  漫  
The blue sky was covered with white clouds
fàng yǎn shì jiān zhēng téng yí piàn 
放   眼  世  间   蒸    腾   一 片   
Put eyes in the world to steam a piece
xìn yǎng yù wàng huā luò cǎo cháng 
信  仰   欲 望   花  落  草  长    
Trust to see the grass grow
ruò shuō yún yān yě fēi guò yǎn 
若  说   云  烟  也 非  过  眼  
If say cloud smoke also not pass an eye
yǎn qián bǐ àn hé zhǐ wú biān 
眼  前   彼 岸 何 止  无 边   
There is no edge to the shore before the eye
jiū chán jiě tuō yǔ zhī hé gān 
纠  缠   解  脱  与 之  何 干  
And what to do with it
zǒng yǒu xiān xián huà xīng shán shǎn 
总   有  先   贤   化  星   闪   闪   
There's always the star of the sage
kě wǒ nìng yuàn dēng huǒ wéi bàn 
可 我 宁   愿   灯   火  为  伴  
But I would rather have the lamp than the fire
jǔ tóu wàng yuè yuè yǐ bú jiàn 
举 头  望   月  月  已 不 见   
Look at the first month has not seen
bá shān shè shuǐ kàn bú jiàn mìng rú shān 
跋 山   涉  水   看  不 见   命   如 山   
Wade in water and life is like a mountain
yùn sì qīng zhōu shì jiān cāng hǎi 
运  似 轻   舟   世  间   沧   海  

Transport is like the light boat between the canghai

Some Great Reviews About Cang Hai Qing Zhou 沧海轻舟

Listener 1: "worthy of being a talent of tsinghua university, this session of the voice of China is even more exciting because of li jian. The four mentors are all talented, but li jian is the icing on the cake. Really has the soul the singer, the northeast people's humor play incisively and vividly, listens to his song can let the mood instantly calm down. It's great. It's great to have a singer like that. Like it, like it!"

Listener 2: "when the prelude is remembered, it is like the beginning of a musical. This song describes the fate of the song, about everyone is like a boat sailing in the sea, a person of faith faith is his lighthouse, full of desire is like a ship lost steering, lost the direction of travel. The whole song is in a gentle tone, and the singing creates a kind of silence for thinking."

Listener 3: "the song of Ken is very small, like the song of human, introverted, open-minded, clean, lazy, warm and elegant. Not with the wave gradually, a rural wind. Indeed is the music poet, really appreciates, is worth learning. I am longing for picking chrysanthemums under the east fence, leisurely see the life of nanshan!"

Listener 4: "what is a heart? Sincerely is kind, sincerely is to suffer is a blessing, sincerely is not to pay the person when a fool! The sincerity is to respect the honest person, who is not stupid in this world, but some people can do selfish things, but some people can not do it. Who in the heart all have a steelyard, just don't want to calculate others, don't want to dispute, don't want to call true!!"

Listener 5: "the lyrics, the singing is very beautiful, the lyrics give people a kind of Epiphany power. With the song I lift my mind to the clouds, to see the canghai, to see the mulberry fields, to see all living beings! I like this paragraph: people, often lose happiness in greed; Lost in the busy health; To lose trust in doubt; Lose friendship in dispute. People do not contend, a relaxed; Unlike, all the way smooth; The heart does not beg, the life is peaceful. Everyone has their own way of life, there is no need to copy others' life. Some people surface scenery, secretly do not know how many tears shed; Some people seem to be embarrassed, but in fact they are living a happy life. There is no standard answer to happiness, and there is more than one path to happiness. Recover the envy other people's eye yuan, anti 覌 his own heart. The day you like is the best day. The way you like to live is the best way to live. I don't know not 覚, we grow old. Tired, the rest on the rest, the body is important; Sleepy, the sleep sleep, don't always stay up; If you're hungry, eat what you need and don't skimp. Life is short, the blink of an eye over, don't leave good things to the last, save to save, nothing. Don't compare with small people, don't get angry with your family, don't make life difficult for yourself, don't let the mood is not beautiful. Be happy as long as you live. One day at a time, comfortable one day. I don't trust you, and I don't listen to you."

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