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The butterfly lovers

There are no absolute criteria regarding the best. We can list numerous top music according to the different dynasties, regions and furthermore, different generations have distinctive perspective to evaluate a song. However, the best Chinese songs have some common characters, such as elegant melody, a wide spread area, high popularity and interesting content.

These songs are closely related to Chinese cultural background and the features of the Chinese language, which can condense many meanings within simple sentences. We can simply introduce you some best Chinese songs from various aspects respectively as follows:

Best Traditional Songs

These songs reflect the ethnic music features. It’s often the case that they are played with traditional Chinese musical instruments, such as Erhu fiddle, Lute and flute etc.

Famous examples are: 

The butterfly lovers, a violin concerto originated from an ancient Chinese love story, which describes the love between a young couple, who fail to marry with each other and finally become a butterfly. This song is worldwide known and representative for the Chinese classical music.

Mountain stream, a song originally comes from the tang dynasty, which describes the close friendship between two musicians, who are the only one to well understand each other. This song is fresh and elegant and full of Chinese flavor, so was selected as one of the song recorded in the Voyager One’s of the American spacecraft, in order to find the similar kind of humanity.

Best Popular Songs (Mandarin)

These songs have high popularity and are featured by their unique melody and special lyrics. They are famous also because of the excellent performance of their original singers.  

Red bean (Wangfei)

The popular female singer Wangfei is recognized as one of the most famous in modern Chinese music world, who is widely known for her crystal and fresh voice. Red bean is one her representative work, which describes the complicated feeling of a girl, who must separate with her love but feel reluctant to part with. This melody is beloved among all Chinese and fully expresses the affection and have interwove in the love.

Crescent Moon (LIU Huan)

LIU Huan is one of the most influential male singers in mainland china, who is also a university professor. He is characterized by the penetrating voice and the broad sound field. Song Crescent Moon catches the essence of pop music and integrates some traditional elements, which successfully express the melancholic feeling of missing the hometown with stone bridge and crescent moon.

Best Popular Songs (Cantonese)

These songs offer special feeling with the Cantonese, which focus on the rhyme and soft pronunciation. Many popular singers from Hongkong enjoy a high reputation in mainland and Chinese overseas, which help to improve the widespread of their music. Many of them have a relevant mandarin version, which has distinctive flavours. There are several famous Cantonese singers, who enjoy a worldwide reputation, such as ZHANG Guorong, Eason Chan, Fish Leong, Miriam Yeung etc.

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