A Xiu Luo 阿修罗 Asura Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Wang Fei 王菲 Faye Wong

A Xiu Luo 阿修罗 Asura Lyrics 歌詞 With A Xiu Luo 阿修罗 Asura Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Wang Fei 王菲 Faye WongPinyin By Wang Fei 王菲 Faye Wong

Chinese Song Name: A Xiu Luo 阿修罗
English Tranlation Name: Asura
Chinese Singer: Wang Fei 王菲 Faye Wong
Chinese Composer:Wang Fei 王菲 Faye Wong
Chinese Lyrics: Lin Xi 林夕 Lin Xi 

A Xiu Luo 阿修罗 Asura Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Wang Fei 王菲 Faye Wong

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

wáng zǐ   xiǎo wáng zǐ   wèi shén me 
王   子   小   王   子   为  什   么 
Why, king son, little king son
fǎng kè men dōu shì lù guò 
访   客 们  都  是  路 过  
All the visitors passed by
wèi hé yào   zhǔ rén nán guò 
为  何 要    主  人  难  过  
Why is it hard to pass the Lord
fā shēng le shén me 
发 生    了 什   么 
What has happened
zěn me   zěn me 
怎  么   怎  么 
How? How
qíng yuàn yì qǐ chén mò 
情   愿   一 起 沉   没 
When love sinks, love sinks
yě bù xīn shǎng pào mò 
也 不 欣  赏    泡  沫 
They don't appreciate foam
bú yuàn lì dì chéng fó 
不 愿   立 地 成    佛 
Unwilling to stand on the ground to become a Buddha
nìng yuàn yào zóu huǒ rù mó 
宁   愿   要  走  火  入 魔 
Better go from fire to devil
shì shuí   nǐ shì shuí   wèi shén me 
是  谁     你 是  谁     为  什   么 
Who are you? Who are you
qíng yuàn liǎng gè rén bú kuài huo 
情   愿   两    个 人  不 快   活  
Love makes two people live a slow life
yě yào   yì qǐ shēng huó 
也 要    一 起 生    活  
Live a life together
wǒ men zuò guò shén me 
我 们  做  过  什   么 
What have we done
zěn me   zěn me 
怎  么   怎  么 
How? How
mò fēi nǐ shì ā  xiū luó 
莫 非  你 是  阿 修  罗  
Are you asura
xiǎng shòu āi yàn de zhàn huǒ 
享    受   哀 艳  的 战   火  
To enjoy the fire of mourning
jiāng bō li xié yě jī pò 
将    玻 璃 鞋  也 击 破 
Break the glass shoe too
dōu bú yuàn kàn pò 
都  不 愿   看  破 
They don't want to see it

Some Great Reviews About A Xiu Luo 阿修罗 Asura

Listener 1: "If a person says he is a Fan of Faye Wong and recommends several hit songs to you, that means he is not necessarily a true fan… If he suggested any of the five fables to you, he would be a real fan! Asura is a sentient being in the six paths of rebirth described by the Buddha, with a mind of hate, jealousy and belligerence. This song melody from the evil spirit strange, as if the flames of war then lit, would rather sink together, would rather go into the devil, finally, the flames of war burned out, a desolate. "

Listener 2:"Faye Wong's music and aesthetics are so far ahead of their time that her spoiled fans wave goodbye to today's Mando-pop music. Male xueyou female faye wong, say other singer also has a lot of good, will listen to their songs, I had a habit of listening to the songs of other singers must come back to listen to faye wong and xueyou's song, as if this is the normal listening process, their songs to listen to not greasy, more listen to more resistant to listen to, this is classic vintage, heavenly Kings days god general"

Listener 3: "Listen to allegory when your mind is confused, as if it can purify the mind. It's like waking up. You can be stubborn, also can be wishful thinking deep love, but that person must be worthy of you so person! A person who doesn't really understand your goodness, understands your goodness, doesn't even believe in your character, questions your feelings and your giving. Not because of love, but to believe that you accept someone who does not touch you is in itself a kind of hurt and blow. Grow up, she can't understand your good, but was false lost heart and eyes, not your fault and loss. Just to let you see it all! It's not a group of people who can't meet and can't come together. Although sad but also should be glad to just! You have not been awake enough, not worth the person is meaningless you pay more. "

Listener 4: "This is a good song for one to enjoy quietly. It is a good song to sing slowly. I remember listening to Faye Wong's Fables in 2001 in Shanghai, when I was 18 years old. This is one of my favorite albums, and it was also in that year that I listened to Jay Chou's Fantasia. Until now, whenever I hear the songs in these two albums, I can't help thinking of those years, there is nostalgia, there is touching, there is sadness and there is happiness! "

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