3 Chinese Kids Song Help You Children To Get A Reflection of China

The Ocean is My Town Positive Spirit to People, Better wish  to Motherland

Kids song is used to show children life and they are suitable with children’s beauty-appreciation. Chinese kids song has a long history. It was seeded in scholar songs originally such as the Song of My Homeland, Spring Outing, Farewell and The Yellow River. Then, other music cultures from western countries had greatly influenced in scholar songs.

The song developed in the period of the May 4th Movement which was not only the most thoroughly anti-imperialist and anti-feudal patriotic movement in Chinese history but also a great cultural movement. Works in this period adopted Chinese national culture as their themes such as Sparrows and Kids, Little Painter and Westwind’s Whisper.

Finally, the kids song was booming after the founding of the people’s Republic of China. It made children songs more positive and active such as Happy Holiday, How happy we are and Let’s Paddle together, etc.

Learning Chinese kids song, can be helpful to know more about childhood of Chinese. You will have more themes to chat with Chinese as well.

The Dull Ice Flower: A Tale describes Mother’s Love

The dull Ice Flower must be one of the most famous Chinese kids song in 90’s. It was performed in CCTV Spring Festival Gala by ZhenNi and children of Nanjing little red flower art troupe in 1991. And soon, it got success and popularity around China.

It is a song praises mother’s love. And it is the theme song of film The Dull Ice Flower adapted from Zhong Zhaozheng’s factual social fiction, describing a sad story: Ming is a scholar student in third grade. His mother was gone when he was still a baby. He just lives with his sister who is two years older and father who is quite honest. Their life is tough. Once time, Ming is wandering in hill with his sister. When he watches the dull ice flowers, he wants to pick them. His sister stops him and tells him that the flowers are mother’s soul. Their mother are accompanying with them by acting as the dull ice flowers.

Although Ming is naughty, he is talented in painting. Ming’s sister Gu Cha gives up the only chance to study in school in order to continue Ming’s paintings talent. She like singing but she never sings before the teacher. While her young brother gets sad, she will start singing him to comfort the younger’s heart. The young sister is always distributing for her poor family especially her lovely brother.

However, only the teacher Mr. Guo who comes from town appreciates his works. Others restrain Ming from participating National Children’s Paintings Exhibition so that they can make administrative chief of town happy and they can get more chances in the town. Mr. Guo is angry and quit his job, sending Ming’s paintings to the National Children’s Paintings Exhibition.

Months later, Ming gets international award. When Mr. Guo brings this good news to Ming, he finds Ming’s tomb in the hill with the dull ice flower. Ming gets sick heavily after losing a chance to the exhibition. His family is too poor to invite a doctor. The chief even rejects to save him. The child who is always barefoot wears his leather shoes and white socks finally. Ming is gone soon with his talent.

The song educates children to love others. The young sister is one of the most favorite characters among film that I have watched. Her love to her brother never asked for repaying. I am admiring it because it is difficult to get such kind of love in our time now. Every adult will ask for repaying while they are doing some things. Only our family will give us all the things they have even their own lives.

As we all know, the award is a lie which is the same as grandmother in Little Match Girl. All the tales are ending without consequences. We can’t change the unfair world because we are only a little dull ice flower lying along the road. We come to this world with loving and we insist in things such as Ming’s painting in order to yell our hopes. When we are gone, it is raining without other accompaniments. However, we still get what we want. The film also says that education should give attention to the talent but not systems. Only in this way can we save more children who have same tough environment as Ming’s.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:   tiān shàng de xīng xing bù shuō huà,dì shàng de wá wa xiǎng mā ma.

Chinese: 天   上      的  星    星   不   说   话    地  上    的  娃  娃  想    妈  妈

English: Stars in the sky are silent; children on earth are memorizing their mother.

The “天上” means in the sky. The “星星” means stars. The “说话” means speak or talking. The “不说话” means no speaking. The “地上” means on the ground. The “娃娃” means children. The “想” means missing and memorizing. The “妈妈” means mother.

The Ocean is My Town: Positive Spirit to People, Better wish  to Motherland

The second Chinese kids song we meet is The Ocean is My Town. It is performed by Zhu Mingying, composing by Wang Liping. And it is the episode in a film The Sea is Calling.

In 80’s, most films appears positive and active spirit and all the works are wishing for a new life after the ten years of unrest. The Ocean is My Town is also having great wish toward our motherland. Music is easier to be understood and more quickly to be spread. Lyrics begins in “Mother had told me since I was a child”, revealing plain and affectionate, liking a family. By praising and memorizing to the ocean, it expresses thankful to our motherland.

The film The Sea is Calling was created in 70’s. Pablo and Kingon came to China and memorized their family—the sailor Chen Hongzhi and Jacques. Chen Hongzhi and Jacques were fighting for justice in the ten years of unrest. Pablo met Chen’s child Chen Haiwei and Pablo left China after the ten years of unrest.

When the ship named Shanghai arrived shark island, they found that the lighthouse was breakdown. And they left the ship to repair the lighthouse. Then, Dr. LiQi found that the old light man Pablo was sick heavily so he sent him to the ship immediately. And captain Chen Haiwei realized the old light man was his good friend Pablo when they were making an operation for Pablo. He transfused his blood to the old Pablo voluntary, saving Pablo’s life.

Chen Haiwei sent two sailors to repair the lighthouse because the lighthouse was used to lead ships in the ocean. If the lighthouse was repaired, other ships could find ways easily without any danger. However, the bay of Bengal had a storm while the two young sailors Wu Mingyue and Ma Basuo were repairing the lighthouse. The electrical machinery in boat was breakdown then.

The first-aid case was involved into the ocean as well. The young sailor Wu Mingyue tried his best to fix the lighthouse though he got heavy injury. And He died silently after he got success in repairing. Chen Haiwei and other sailors mourned Wu Mingyue in grief. They built a tombstone for Wu which was next to Chn Hongzhi and Jacques.

The film praises good heart and international friendship in two generations of sea fares at home and abroad, aiming to educate children to keep thankful to the soldiers who are always protecting our country no matter they are Chinese or not.

As we all know, the national discrimination is serious in some cities. Comparing to the story in The Ocean is My Town and The Sea is Calling. We have lost love without borders. No matter where we live or who we are, the people who are friendly to us are friendly to us. The people who are treating us as a family should not be separated as a difference. Discrimination is a world that should not even exist in fact.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:  xiǎo shí hou mā ma duì wǒ jiǎng , dà hǎi jiù shì wǒ gù xiāng

Chinese: 小   时  候  妈    妈  对 我   讲       大 海  就  是  我  故  乡   

English: Mother had told me since I was a child that the ocean was my town.

The “小时候” means childhood. The “妈妈” means mother. The “大海” means the ocean and sea. The “故乡” means the town and the place we are born.

Let’s Paddle Together: Eternal Memory in Childhood

The third Chinese kids song Let’s Paddle Together is composed by QiaoYu and Liuchi. It is performed by Liu Huifang. Besides, it is also the theme song of Flowers of Our Motherland, a movie in 1955 talking about Chinese campus. I would be rather to introduce it rather than introduce others. It is the first song I could sing when I have my own memory.

The film is talking a campus story. In five grades in Beijing, only a naughty student named JiangLin and the arrogant student Yang Yongli have not wore the red scarf—symbols of becoming real young pioneer. With volunteer and master Feng’s hope, other students in the class are going to help them. At first, they encourage JiangLin’s interest to study.

Then, they help him raise habit in studying. When Yang Yongli is unable to have course because her feet are injured, they make up a missed lesson for her so that she can attend examination with them. Their sincere help touch JiangLing and Yang Yongli. Both of them are changing and help each other in order to get better grades in exams. After the summer holiday, they become six grade students. And JiangLing and Yang Yongli are admitted into the young pioneer.

It praises pure friendship in children which is incomparable in our world, encouraging children in this era to make friends with others and be nice to others. In 2002, the song Let’s Paddle Together was chosen into a textbook. It reveals the pure spirits and noble souls with the developing country.

The song’s music video has got champion in China Music TV as well. To be honest, it is the most unforgettable song in my childhood. It has beautiful melody what’s more, its lyrics is poetic. It is the reasons why it can win universal praise. As QiaoYu says, he can not write any song which is better than Let’s Paddle Together.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:    hǎi miàn dào yìng zhe  měi lì  de  bái tǎ , sì zhōu huán rào zhe lǜ shù hóng qiáng

Chinese:  海   面    倒   映    着   美   丽  的  白  塔, 四  周     环    绕  着   绿 树  红   墙   

English: The Sea reflects the beautiful white tower, rounding the green trees and red wall.

The “海面” means the sea The “美丽的” means beautiful. The “白塔” means white tower. The “四周” means around. The “绿树” means green trees. The “红墙” means wall in red color.

After learning three Chinese kid song, do you know more about Chinese? In fact, music is playing an important role in Chinese history especially the Chinese kid song. Because the songs accompany with us since we are born in the motherland and we listen to them when we are young.

I wish that adults will cherish their childhood for its beauty which can’t be found when we have grown up. And the pure friendship and sincere love would never be found easily when we have grown up. Besides, It is encouraged that the songs act as our children’s educational songs. It must be good to develop their habits and thoughts.

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