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The Three Traditional Chinese Songs Painting Some Beautiful Pictures

“The Dragon Ballad” Sang By Phoenix Legend Combines Dreams And Tradition

Today we would like to share three traditional Chinese Songs which are very popular in China and we hope this article can give some valuable information to you, which can help you understand the profound Chinese traditional culture better.

The Great Traditional Chinese Song Remember Jasmine Free By Lei Jia

The Great Traditional Chinese Song Remember Jasmine Free By Lei Jia

In the past days, we have shared more top Chinese songs in Chinese music for you.But most of them are of the popular song in the modern times.Today we would want to share the different type which is a traditional Chinese song for you.

The Two Great Chinese Video Songs In Today Chinese Tv Series

Su Nian

Recently, there are two popular TV series in China. One is about the love of fairies, and the other is love in ancient Tang Dynasty. They have both received great comments on their stories. Moreover, the China music in the TV series are also popular with Chinese people right now. here are the Chinese video songs.

Find The Great Chinese Wedding Songs For You

Find The Great Chinese Wedding Songs For You

Chinese wedding ritual has lots of trivial formalities according to traditional customs. Most of them have been simplified nowadays. People could customize their wedding ceremony on the basis of Chinese traditional style, western style and the combination.Today we would like to share the Chinese wedding songs for you.

The Introduction of Chinese Traditional Music

Chinese instruments

It has been accepted without question for a long time that Chinese culture is of long standing and well established. As is known to all, Chinese characters have a history of more than five thousand years and history of Chinese music culture can be traced back to more ancient. With the development of history and the advance of the human civilization, music culture is in constant change and update. Up to this day, Chinese traditional music displays different attitude and shows the characteristics of diversification.