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Learn Chinese With Top Chinese Karaoke Songs Help You Learn Well

A Romantic Love Song Sunshine By Jay Chou

Karaoke is a Japanese-English miscellaneous name. In Japan, Kara means "empty". Ktv originated in Japan, from the early days in the tavern to “karaoke “, Kara is the Japanese “empty” meaning, and “ok” is the pronunciation of the first word of the English " orchestra”, the Japanese character makes the word " karaoke" is the meaning of the band, then came to Taiwan, the karaoke in the room, and named KTV, k for karaoke the first word, TV for MTV.

The Landmark On Andy Liu’s Music Road in Chinese Music

His First The Top 10 Chinese Golden Melody Awards In Hong Kong: Can We

Once upon a time, Hong Kong gangster film’s thunder and influence over the gangster movies in Hollywood. In the golden age of the beauty of the flowers, there are two names are all remember: Jackie Chan and Andy Lau. Compared with Andy Lau’s music, his film career has been relatively smooth, although it was a little bit late for him to win a prize. Follow me and I will show you the music road that Andy has walked.

The 3 Famous Chinese Love Songs Help You Recollect Your Sweet Days

Wang Qiang Broadcast Unlocks Youthful Memories

Love songs are an important part of Chinese music. Most people will think of particular love songs when recollect their sweet days.And today we would like to share the famous Chinese love songs which are very popular in China and we hope this article can give some interesting thing to you to help you learn Chinese.

The 3 Great Chinese Romantic Songs In Chinese song

The 3 Great Chinese Romantic Songs In Chinese song

Although Chinese are not openly romantic, but they still have their way to show romantic feeling, such as romantic songs. There three typical Chinese romantic songs:

Meet the Rain in Tokyo of Korn: The Chinese Song Don’t Have Emotional Color

Chinese romantic song

We have shared more Chinese old songs for you in the past.But it’s difficult to introduce a new Chinese song which sang by the new Chinese unknown singer?Pleasant to hear is just one of the items to love a song.If one song is unpleasant to hear,it’s hard to catch the attention of the public.It’s also need the topic familiarity because we need the audience to take an attention to the singer.

Chinese Romantic Song:In The Distant Place

Chinese Romantic Song:In The Distant Place

We are aware that great folk song is popular with people.We will spare no effort to find a great folk song and share it with you.In our website.there are many Chinese melody songs like this song we share today.You can find others in our website.