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The Great Chinese Birthday Songs Help You Celebrating Birthday In Chinese Style

“Blessings Like The East China Sea”,A Phrase With A Double Meaning Offer Blessings

There are many Chinese birthday songs, such as Song Zuying's "Beautiful Mood" “Blessings like the East China Sea”, Zhang Yan's"Many Happy Events"," Happy wedding"," Liu Hegang’s"Have A Joyous Gathering.”and so on.These songs are blessed with some deep wishes or wishes.Today we are going to meet three famous Chinese birthday songs to meet the chinese how to put their wishes and wishes.

The Landmark On Andy Liu’s Music Road in Chinese Music

His First The Top 10 Chinese Golden Melody Awards In Hong Kong: Can We

Once upon a time, Hong Kong gangster film’s thunder and influence over the gangster movies in Hollywood. In the golden age of the beauty of the flowers, there are two names are all remember: Jackie Chan and Andy Lau. Compared with Andy Lau’s music, his film career has been relatively smooth, although it was a little bit late for him to win a prize. Follow me and I will show you the music road that Andy has walked.

The Chinese Song List Tell You Those Most Different Chinese Songs In Past China

The Lovely Song Of Girlfriends Another Me In The World By Amber Kuo And A Si

Unconsciously, November is coming soon. Let's review the new song released in October. We would like to share the most popular Chinese song list in October 2017. There are more than one hundred new songs were published in this month, and next, we'll introduce the top three songs of the song list.

The 3 Famous Chinese Love Songs Help You Recollect Your Sweet Days

Wang Qiang Broadcast Unlocks Youthful Memories

Love songs are an important part of Chinese music. Most people will think of particular love songs when recollect their sweet days.And today we would like to share the famous Chinese love songs which are very popular in China and we hope this article can give some interesting thing to you to help you learn Chinese.

The Popular Chinese Karaoke Songs That Are Very Hot in Chinese KTV

In Spring By WangFeng Cries Of Despair

If you have browsed the posts on our website, you will never be difficult to find we have shared various songs in different styles, including folk, blog, pop, rock and so on. Today we want to talk about the popular Chinese karaoke songs that are very hot in Chinese KTV. Hope you not only can learn the Chinese but also have a profound know of the Chinese culture.

The 3 Chinese Oldies Songs That Help You To Find Beautiful Love

Chinese Oldies Songs 1

Today, we would like to share the 3 Chinese Oldies Songs which is about a beautiful and passionate love story in China and we hope this article can help you understand the Chinese attitude towards love better.

The Best New China Song Mp3 We Are Gorgeous Single People

The Best New China Song Mp3 We Are Gorgeous Single People

It always has some Chinese singers accompany our growth.Twins are the keyword which is remembered by the people after 85s and before 95s.The Chinese music female group has many old Chinese songs in the past 17 years.Today we would want to share a new Chines song from them.

The Best Folk and EDM Love Song in Chinese 100% Free to Listen

The Best Folk and EDM Love Song in Chinese 100% Free to Listen

Recently The prairie elves Ji Ya releases her new single folk and EDM love song in Chinese Drunk On the Prairie And Singing Love Songs.In the past year, Ji Ya have relied on another great Chines song Prairie Wind Blowing surprised the eye of the listener.It looks like those great Chinese chicken songs that have the great experience when you listen it.

Top Chinese Song I’m Here Waiting For You By Li Wei In 2017

Top Chinese Song I'm Here Waiting For You By Li Wei In 2017

Today we decide to share a top Chinese song I'm Here Waiting For You.This is a popular Chinese song.In fact, this topic is normal that not only in Western music but also in Japanese and Korean music.Both of them exits the two complete risky way to show that include slow shot or staunch with moral integrity.But if you listen more Chinese music about them, you would be tired.

China Love Song: Song For Strange Girl(Gei Mo Sheng Nv Hai De Ge)

China Love Song: Song To Strange Girl(Gei Mo Sheng Nv Hai De Ge)

After the ending of Chinese Comedy Central Roast, J.He pushes her new China love song Song For Strange Girl(给陌生女孩的歌).It’s not a song that full of smile.The content of this song is so full of the past pain.Many people like to listen is as a sad love song which combined the experience of J He and her annual ring in her voice.In fact, this song just talked about a sad love story.