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Learn Chinese With Top Chinese Karaoke Songs Help You Learn Well

A Romantic Love Song Sunshine By Jay Chou

Karaoke is a Japanese-English miscellaneous name. In Japan, Kara means "empty". Ktv originated in Japan, from the early days in the tavern to “karaoke “, Kara is the Japanese “empty” meaning, and “ok” is the pronunciation of the first word of the English " orchestra”, the Japanese character makes the word " karaoke" is the meaning of the band, then came to Taiwan, the karaoke in the room, and named KTV, k for karaoke the first word, TV for MTV.

Chinese Folk Song:Tibetan Plateau

Chinese Folk Song

Great song we would want to share with you. You never get tired of hearing the great folk song, because they have a unique charm.We also have the Hong Xue Lian which have the same background as this one and you can find it in our website.