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Chinese Bible Songs: Melting of Foreign Music and Chinese In China

Tears of Thanksgiving A Talented Bible Songs Composer

Religious music is the origin of European art and music. Before the 18th century, music was mainly church music in Europe, and church music was mainly the chant. After the period of enlightenment, music developed in secularization boomingly. But church music still dominated the center in Europe music area. Bible songs, also a kind of sacred music, convey both the revelation of the god and the worship to god. Besides, they reveal believers’ pray and wish.

The Best Chinese Christmas song Love Can Change Everything

Chinese Christian Song:Gu Wu

Gospel Music is a kind of religious music. The style of singing is to use a syllable to decorate sound (combine a few notes into one syllable). Drums and electric guitars accompany the excited beat and the rhythm. It emphasizes on rhythmic accompaniment of musical instruments and singing the Chinese Christmas song unprepared. In China, lots of Chinese people believe in the Redeemer-Jesus who was born on Christmas Day. They sing gospel music when they pray to the lord. They think Jesus will lead them to a bright way. Today I will say one of that music called "Jesus Fashion".

The Great Chinese Christmas Song In Chinese Music

The Great Chinese Christmas Song In Chinese Music

At the end of the year, when you can hear the Christmas song everywhere, it’s time for people to celebrate the Christmas day. People can not wait until the arrival of December 25th, and they began to use Christmas songs to heighten the festive atmosphere a few weeks ago. Wherever you go, you can hear Christmas songs of different tunes and content almost everywhere. Although Christmas is a western festival, more and more Chinese people celebrate it. Chinese songs about Christmas are not less than foreign ones. In the Christmas Day, we can listen to the songs and receive gifts. It’s so cheerful. Here we introduce you some Chinese Christmas songs: