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The Chinese Best Song Streets Sang By Song Xu In January 2017

The Chinese Best Song Streets Sang By Song Xu In January 2017

Few days ago, we have shared more best Chinese songs of Wang Feng for you.But most of them are Chinese rock music.Today we would want to share a pure Chinese best song that is full of Chinese wind.

The Best New China Song Mp3 We Are Gorgeous Single People

The Best New China Song Mp3 We Are Gorgeous Single People

It always has some Chinese singers accompany our growth.Twins are the keyword which is remembered by the people after 85s and before 95s.The Chinese music female group has many old Chinese songs in the past 17 years.Today we would want to share a new Chines song from them.

The Best Chinese Songs of Wang Feng in Chinese Rock Music

The Best Chinese Songs of Wang Feng in Chinese Rock Music

As a musician who not only sings but also composes, it must be good at creating more great work to exist in the music circle and win the honor in the music market.Today we are willing to share some best Chinese songs from Wang Feng who is a great musician that is not only good at singing but also in composition.

Top Chinese Song I’m Here Waiting For You By Li Wei In 2017

Top Chinese Song I'm Here Waiting For You By Li Wei In 2017

Today we decide to share a top Chinese song I'm Here Waiting For You.This is a popular Chinese song.In fact, this topic is normal that not only in Western music but also in Japanese and Korean music.Both of them exits the two complete risky way to show that include slow shot or staunch with moral integrity.But if you listen more Chinese music about them, you would be tired.

The Best Chinese New Year Song Mp3 On the Way Home

The Best Chinese New Year Song Mp3 On the Way Home

A lot of people have said that Chinese New Year is now considered more and more uninteresting, but it can only indicate that the definition of the traditional Spring Festival is quietly changing. In fact, from the station, the airport and pier around the country during the Spring Festival we can see whether the taste is weak or not. The picture of the North-South migration is the best New Year painting and the most vivid taste.

The Best Chinese Remix Song For A Day By Chace & Moksi

The Best Chinese Remix Song For A Day By

Remix songs first appeared around the late 1960s and early 1970s in New York City. Until recently the remix songs are accepted by our Chinese people. Especially the younger generation. I've always been a fan of remix songs, have heard lots of remix songs. Today let me introduce you a rising remix star and his Chinese remix song-For A Day.

The Best Chinese Famous Song Legend of the Dragon

The Best Chinese Famous Song In Chinese Music

We all know that dragon is the symbol of the Chinese nation, so we are all the descendants of the dragon. And there is one of the Chinese famous song in china called Legend of The Dragon. The Legend of the Dragon was composed by Hou DeJian in 16th,December, 1978. He first sang it in Sprig Festival Gala Evening in1988 and then it became popular.

Before your reading we recommend you should know the basic things about Chineese and can learn the best Basic Chinese Course to get the basement about Chinese.

Hou was studying in the Taiwan's National Chengchi University when the United States broke off diplomatic relations with the Taiwan authorities in 1978. In his view that Chinese people have always been shrouded in sadness, and distracted by foreign people since the Opium War(鸦片战争)in 1840. He was angry at this cowardly sadness, so he wrote this song. Hou said that it is a patriotic song and advocates nationalism. The song's lyric has been changed twice.

 The first time is by Taiwan United Daily news(联合报). The UDN changed ''be besieged on all sides is slave's sword '' into ''appeasement sword''. Hou thought the reason why it is been changed is that the word ' slave' is too sensitive to encourage soldiers to keep up high morale. The second time is by Song Chuyu.

He wanted to add a section to express the spirit of striving ,but Hou can't accept it .Sooner, the Committee for cultural work of the Kuomintang(国民党文化工作委员会) also can be called the Literary Union (文工会)began to send people to lobby him and invite him to write a Chinese famous song called 'Three people 's principles of the reunification of china's great league song'(三民主义统一中国大同盟歌),which was decided to sing by Deng Lijun. However, he didn't refuse face to face.

Later Hou left Taiwan and the Legend of the Dragon was not admitted to sing in public until Taiwan announced the "Martial law" in 1987. After Hou entered the Sprig Festival Gala Evening, this song started to be famous. In 2000, the singer Wang Lihong incorporated this song in the ''The first day forever ''and sang it the second time in the Spring Festival Gala Evening.

  This song sings, "the ancient china has a dragon , its name is called china ,the ancient East has group of people ,they are all dragon teaching other people, under the big dragon foot I grow, will grow into later is dragon teaching other people……"

Its lyric reflects a strong sense of national ride and patriotism, and what the industrious and intelligent Chinese people yearn for. It intended to inspire the Chinese people's national pride and self-confidence. The song has famous to all of the people in china.

This Chinese famous song is my sharing today, and hopes you will have a happy mood!If you want to get this great song,you can get the mp3 download chinese songs in our website.

The Best Chinese Christmas song Love Can Change Everything

Chinese Christian Song:Gu Wu

Gospel Music is a kind of religious music. The style of singing is to use a syllable to decorate sound (combine a few notes into one syllable). Drums and electric guitars accompany the excited beat and the rhythm. It emphasizes on rhythmic accompaniment of musical instruments and singing the Chinese Christmas song unprepared. In China, lots of Chinese people believe in the Redeemer-Jesus who was born on Christmas Day. They sing gospel music when they pray to the lord. They think Jesus will lead them to a bright way. Today I will say one of that music called "Jesus Fashion".

The Best Children Chinese Song Two Tigers(Liang Zhi Lao Hu)

Chinese Kid Song:Liang Zhi Lao Hu(Two Tiger)

China is well known for its rich culture, Children Chinese songs also with its own characters can show you this point well. To be honest, amount of children songs has reached 20,even more, so which one of them can be chosen to introduce—It’s a bit difficult. At last, I decide to introduce you (Two tigers).

The 10 Best Chinese Love Songs In China Song

The 10 Best Chinese Love Songs In China Song

The word “love”, as one of the greatest writers defined: “it is the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth”  is an eternal theme in our lives arousing strong feelings. And love songs are very popular ways to express such romantic feelings between lovers. Here is a list of the 10 best Chinese love songs.