Chinese Folk Song:Tibetan Plateau

Chinese Folk Song

Great song we would want to share with you. You never get tired of hearing the great folk song, because they have a unique charm.We also have the Hong Xue Lian which have the same background as this one and you can find it in our website.

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Song name : Qing Zang Gao Yuan(Tibetan Plateau)

Lyrics : Qianyi Zhang

Composer : Qianyi Zhang

Singer : Han Hong

This Chinese folk song with nice melody depicts the magnificent scenery of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.The song is one of the Chinese ktv songs because the difficulties it has and people want to challenge to it.

Song English Translation :

Who has brought that voice from ancient times

Who has left the prayer through thousands of years

Is song still in silence

Attachment still can’t forget that for a long time

You see the mountains and rivers

Many mountains and rivers are linked together

Ya la so , it is the Tibetan plateau

Who is looking at the blue sky day and night

Who is eager to have permanent dream

Is there a song of praise

Or we can’t change the solemn


Ya la so , it is the Tibetan plateau

The Tibetan Plateau is deep feeling smooth,which express the infinite devotion of the Qinghai-tibet Plateau. Sometime it is resounding,which express praise of the lovely hometown.

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