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Chinese Traditional Song:The Clapper of Pentatonic Scale

Chinese SongThe Clapper of Pentatonic Scale

The second Chinese traditional song in 2015!We will continue our journey to Chinese music.You can find more great Chinese song in our website.What’s your favorite Chinese instrument?Maybe you like the small bamboo flute or the beautiful lute.Or even you can find the mixed group in our site.But today we would like to share a cool bamboo flute song The Clapper of Pentatonic Scale for you.

Chinese Traditional Song:Camel Bell

Chinese song:Camel Bell

Happy new year!Today is the first day of 2015.We will introduce more Chinese traditional song for you in the new year.In the past year.We have provided many beautiful Chinese song in our website.You can find them and enjoy them.Today we will proceed with the journey to Chinese music.The original song is the Camel Bell

Chinese Traditional Song:Mo Li Hua


New year is coming!Have you achieved your goal in 2014?If you have done a good job, hear the Chinese traditional song as an award.If you don’t find your success,hope you can find some relaxing in our website.Today we will introduce a brisk Chinese song to Happy New Year!Just enjoys it.

Chinese Traditional Song:Boat Song in Water Village

chinese song

Welcome to Chinese traditional song again.Few days ago,we have introduced the New Year's Eve Small Singing which is played by the erhu.We think you should listen to this great music if you didn’t hear it before.Then it’s time to start the new Chinese Song!Today we’re taking about the Boat Song in Water Village.

China Song Instrument Introduction:Bamboo Flute

Few days ago, we had learned the introduction of the Chinese Zither(guzheng).In fact, China has more beautiful instruments that also have the great sound.Today we will continue to learn the other China song instrument:bamboo flute.